{Packaging} Lucia Soaps & Candles = Packaging Love!

I’ve always been a sucker for beautiful packaging!

Shhhh… I’ve even been known to buy a product just for its packaging!  And I’m not alone.

I get questions all the time from small business owners saying, “I think my industry is too full, how am I going to stand out from the crowd?”

Answer: Good packaging is one way to separate yourself…and increase your product sales.

Look at Lucia Soaps for an example of a biz that is in a crowded marketplace, but they’ve learned how to stand out. I LOVE THEIR PACKAGING.

Take a peak:

And now they also have Lucia Candles:

The inspiration behind the packaging design.

LUCIA was inspired by Lucie Bernier (president) of Pure living products. Her many travels to Europe, Asia, etc has led her to bring back through the years an assortment of Renaissance designs on fabrics from Florence, ceramic work from Portugal, Spain and Italy, etc. She wanted to create a line of specialty soaps (now candles also) that reflected these rich textured designs. Each design reflects old world charm with a modern touch. The logo LUCIA in black & white reflected the ‘cleanness’ of a soap product and at the same time counter-act the rich and ‘busy’ textures of the old world designs. Also, this was a product that was designed in our contemporary times so the logo had to reflect this. The box construction of the soaps was inspired from old, pre-war soap designs from Spain & Portugal. The candle box construction was inspired by the ‘Panettone’ cake found in Italy.

Don’t you think it’s about time you got your packaging in order?  Let us know if we can help you design your perfect packaging or if we can simply inspire you!



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    1. Sorry – we don’t sell these products. You’d have to contact the maker of Lucia products to find out that info.

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