Ode to Thanksgiving Day :: The Thankful Edition

Thanksgiving Quote

Just a few of the MANY things I’m thankful for…

Acorn hershey kissesDivine combinations of chocolate and peanut butter – these will get you through the rough times, the good times and frankly, anytime!

Clean WaterWe are blessed to have access to clean water whenever we need it, but that’s not the case for almost a billion people living in developing countries. And thanks to organizations like charity:waterI pray that this will change someday soon!

turkey and cranberry sandwichesTurkey and cranberry sandwiches. Why eat turkey alone when you can have it with cranberries and eat it with your hands?!  I know, I like to be a little different.

gathering with family and friendsThe opportunity to gather and eat with family and friends on this very special day.

familyI thank God every day for my family…and am so thankful for all of my readers/friends, it’s been an amazing 2013.

Many Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving Holiday Season!



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