New e-course: How to Identify Your Ideal Target Customer


How to identify your ideal target customer ecourse

Every year in November we get away and do a yearly “retreat” planning session – a quiet place to review the current year, set new goals and plan for the upcoming year.

During the retreat we review our successes, our failures, areas to improve, and what YOU (our ideal target customer) are asking for. Once we hash through all of this, we start setting new goals and strategies for the upcoming year.

When we leave the retreat, we have a solid game plan for the year to come.

Side Note: quarterly we do ‘mini’ reviews, to see if we’re on task and accomplishing the goals we set out to achieve at the yearly planning session…if something isn’t working, we’ll switch gears and not wait until the end of the year to make a change!

It’s always good to review your business!

A year ago, after one of our quarterly reviews, we wrote Are You Attracting What You Put Out There. This blog post outlined a few of the needs expressed by a number of you…and I’m thrilled to announce, we are now ready to start offering the bite-sized ‘topic specific’ marketing e-courses you asked for!


Wouldn’t you love it if every customer that comes through your door (or reads your blog) totally gets you? Of course you do…This is the goal!

In this e-course you will go through a series of steps and exercises that will allow you to define and identify the ideal target customer that gets YOU… and gets your business where you want it to be in the shortest time possible!

This PDF downloadable e-course is the starting point for creating an experience that attracts and resonates with your ideal target customer, as well as a roadmap to tailor your brand, messages, marketing, products and new business efforts.

And the best part is, we are making our e-courses accessible to EVERYONE, each course is only $7 (U.S. dollars).

To get your How To Identify You Ideal Target Customer e-course, click here.


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