My Favorite Modern Bar and Counter Stools


I think it took me about a year after we completed our home to finally buy bar stools for the kitchen.

Bar stools are a stylish furniture piece that can add a lot to your kitchen without occupying too much space.

With a white modern style kitchen, I wanted to purchase stools that could add some warmth but still go with my wood + metal vibe found throughout our home.

I was so excited when I finally found (and settled) on the perfect stools – for us anyways!

Since I get asked A LOT where I purchased my bar stools from, I thought it would be fun to share this information AND share with you my other favorite modern bar and counter stools… in case you’re looking to buy some too!

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Let’s get started…

My 7 Favorite Modern Bar and Counter Stools

  1. The Alden Bar and Counter Stool. (West Elm)

These are what I purchased for our home and I absolutely love them. They’re like an ‘art piece’ in our kitchen. They have a rustic carved wood bucket seat with an industrial raw steel base, for a modern take on a classic tractor seat that’s anything but rural! And they were a lot of fun to decorate for Christmas, seen pictured below (and you’ll catch a glimpse of them in the main image of this post).

2. Palecek Vero Barstool

I love these short back rattan chairs that Becki Owens placed in her Estillo Project: Classic Modern Kitchen. They are airy and organic with a double wall of open rattan weaving around a black-finished iron frame for simple yet textural appeal.

3. Slope Leather + Counter Stools (West Elm)

These have a nice curve in both the seat and the back for extra comfort. The leather makes it easy for clean up. This style will never get old. Just look at these chairs on the Instagram feed of Shannon Eddings Interiors.

Favorite Modern bar and counter stools

4. Riviera Counter Stool (Serena & Lily)

The classic 1930s European bistro chair, has been elevated to new heights! These handcrafted of lightweight rattan and woven plastic seats, are beautiful and fun. I also like how their entire Riviera Collection, with a slight variation in how the colors are woven, can be purchased for mixing and matching for an extra fun and lively look at Serena and Lily.

5. Smart and Sleek Stool (Wisteria)

The contoured, natural wood top with a minimalist metal base, perfectly complements both traditional and modern decor. This also would have fit nicely into my home, and look how gorgeous it looks in Elizabeth of EDB Designs home.

6. King counter Stool (Gabby Home)

These modern lucite “ghost” chairs are not only a cool design, they are absolutely stunning. A few of these in your kitchen will add just the right amount of glam that your kitchen is begging for. Check out these stools in the beautifully styled kitchen design by Mrs. Paranjape.

7. The Cherner Chair

A beautiful mid-century modern stool with a dark walnut finish. It’s somewhat whimsical curving design adds a beautiful touch to any modern kitchen. Just look at these beauties all in a row that Studio McGee used in their Modern Mountain Home Project.

Do you see why it took me so long to finally make my bar stool decision? Every single one of my favorite modern bar and counter stools are clean with a modern edge – it was really hard to narrow it down to just one choice.

But, I hope I made your buying decision (and research) a little bit easier. Cheers!

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    1. Thx girl! Sometimes it can get overwhelming, so I keep narrowing down choices. Usually I end up in my mind with, “This is THE ONE!” But it’s helpful to have a few to choose from first and then start dwindling down the list.

  1. Beautiful! I grew up with the Cherner chairs as chairs from my parents’ dining room table (table made by my father). My parents were very much into modern furniture, so it’s nice to see modern interpretations of classics from their generation.

  2. Hi! I love the Alden stools too! We have a 64″ counter and I’m debating if 2 or 3 would fit better. Any spacing advice?

    1. Hi Karen! I measured out my own island to a 64″ and looked at the alden stools as 2 and 3 (within this sizing). I typically like ‘odd’ numbers, but it’s visually too tight (in my opinion) and the 2 looked amazing! Answer: 2. xo

      1. Rats, I was kind of expecting that answer but was hoping you’d say 3 :). When I saw your picture with the three chairs close together I was thinking that I might be able to pull off three in my space! Thank you SO much for taking the time to measure it out for me!! LOVE your Christmas decor idea on them too.

        1. You could pull it off! Three will fit. If you want to send me your email, I’ll take a quick iphone pic and send you what it looks like with 2 and 3 stools!

          1. Hello. I am thinking about buying the Alden stools. Would you mind sharing the photo with the 3 stools? I have a 66″ island. Thank you!!

            Also, have the rubber grips on the feet held up well over time?

          2. Hi Rose! Thanks for reaching out. I’m not sure what you’re asking when you say, “Would you mind sharing the photo with the 3 stools?” My island is 108″ long. The rubber grips have held up well – they still look brand new.

  3. I love the west elm Alden counter stools you have. It’s hard to find any reviews of them. Are you still happy with them and would you consider them “reasonably “ comfortable and practical? Thanks!!!!

    1. Hi Elisa! I am still really happy with them. Would I consider them “reasonably” comfortable? Yes. Due to the shape, yet zero padding, they are more comfortable than my main dinner tables wooden bench. I don’t place padding on my stools, BUT I do place a pillow on my bench (since I have ZERO butt padding on my body!) Hope that helps. xo

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