Modern, Simple Blue and Sage Christmas Home Tour

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Hello and welcome to my annual Christmas Home Tour! Not only will I be sharing my own Modern, Simple Blue and Sage Christmas Home Tour, but I’m thrilled to be sharing a bunch of my friends Christmas home tours as well, which you’ll find at the bottom of this post.

I hope you enjoy this tour as I take you through the main living areas of our home and share with you a few of my decorating tips – that won’t break the bank!

So let’s get started…

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I went in a completely different direction than last year and went back to my roots with this 9 ft pre-lit LED faux noble fir from Terrain – And I can honestly say, I LOVE IT!!!

I love how real it looks and love that it reminds me of my many years of snowmobiling up at Mt. Baker (Washington State) to chop down our live Christmas tree each year.

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -3

If this is your first time to my blog, you’ll discover that I’m a minimalist AND frugal – heck, anyone can spend a lot of money to decorate, but I like to see how ‘little’ I can spend! Minus this new tree (my last one lasted 15 years), I tend to spend less than $100 each year on decorating our home for Christmas and am able to get a totally different look/vibe.

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -4

Well in advance, I decide on a Christmas color or theme and then buy a few new ornaments and ribbon on sale. This year I decided on indigo blue, sage green and cream as my color theme. And because I have a neutral palette of decor items, adding the blue bulb ornaments to my collection only cost me around $10 and the ribbon ran me about $12.

Ornaments in bowls or baskets are an easy way to add cohesiveness and a touch of Christmas throughout your home.

In the background, we have a huge console (that my husband built) to “hide” all of his electronics and speakers, haha. I laid over 16 feet of fresh cedar garland (6 foot garlands at Trader Joes for $8) across the entire top. On the right side of the artwork (hiding the ginormous tv) is a cute vignette of items I’ve had, along with 3 candles. Note: my candlesticks are no longer available, but I’ve got my eye on these sleek modern ones HERE. Perhaps they’ll end up in my stocking this year?!

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -4b

On the left side of the console, I used last years polar bear (a nod to my brother in Alaska), some trees and because I’m a girl who loves symmetry, I’ve mirrored the 3 candles from the right side.

I love the idea of having some fur and blankets scattered around the house and at the base of the tree. I added a couple of warm blankets and these giant cow bells (a nod to growing up on a small farm raising cows) to my contemporary ladder.

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -5

Our home is an open concept, so you can be standing in the entry way and look into our living room, dining table, my office and kitchen. All of these spaces get to enjoy the Christmas tree view!

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -6b

I designed the tablescape using a piece of linen fabric I bought years ago on sale from JoAnn’s (I used it on my Thanksgiving table a couple years ago HERE), added fresh cedar greens and fresh privot berries to make the runner.

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -7b
Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -8

The center focal point consists of a natural tree round and 3 vases with floating candles (all used at our daughter’s wedding this past September). Using our everyday white dishes and silverware with copper mugs and some blue linen napkins with a sprig of privot berries and voila! Elegant and simple with no fuss. 

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -9

There is something about the kitchen and Christmas that go hand in hand. Probably my love for holiday baking, the scented candles, and gathering with family and friends for meals!

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -10

I love adding cute mini wreaths on the back of our bar stools. This year I hot glued some faux white flowers, real blue thistle and pine cones to the wreaths, to keep the color scheme cohesive.

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -12
Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -11

I enjoy decorating the kitchen, but it also needs to remain FUNCTIONAL! So I added this copper tea pot, hung a wreath to our backsplash (it’s easy to do with a 3m command hook). I also found this miniature ceramic house in the Target dollar store section and propped it up on a cake stand, added some fresh cedar branches, a bowl filled with ornaments and a strand of fairy string lights — thus inviting, but still functional!

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -13b
Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -14

On my island, I almost always add some fresh tree trimmings (free from your neighborhood Lowe’s) and this year I added real blue thistles.

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -15

Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’ birth and every day is truly a blessing… love my daily reminder to ‘bless this day with grace and gratitude’ from Hobby Lobby.

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -16

On your way in or out, you walk past our modern nativity scene — the reason why we celebrate Christmas! And since we don’t have a fireplace in the house, our entry console also holds our stockings (held on with 3m hooks) …and this year I also decided to sew my own stockings!

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -17

Lastly, our sweet dog Gunnar is ready to welcome you or send you off on your merry way… unless you’re a little kid, then he might want to nip at your ankles! haha

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -18

I hope you’ve enjoyed my modern, simple blue and sage Christmas home tour… and found some cost-effective inspiration and tips along the way!

Modern simple blue and sage Christmas -19

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    1. It was exactly as I had envisioned… thank you! P.S. I totally thought about drying oranges – love your orange DIY garland and ornaments.

    1. Thank you! Oh sweet Gunnar. The hubs calls him an ‘old ladies dog’ because he LOVES me and the littles, not so much! haha

    1. Our daughters bouquet had some blue thistle in it and I LOVED it! So it inspired me to add it into this years tour.

    1. Thx KariAnne! I’m really loving how the colors came together in a fresh, non-overpowering way. I think it’s my favorite color combination to date. xo

  1. Tana it’s beautiful as always! Great minds think alike because I shared a tip about ornaments in a bowl too. I am a huge fan on saving money so I appreciate the Trader Joe’s tip for garland. I found mine at Costco this year for $18. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

    1. I saw that! Yes, great minds think alike. What size was the one you found at Costco? May you enjoy the many blessings of Christmas with your family as well. God bless friend!

  2. Tana,

    Your home is stunning, as usual. I love the way you were able to incorporate the “go-to” neutral that is currently being featured this year – navy blue. And to be able to do it all frugally is amazing. Your design sense inspires me. I’ll have to try to check out the others too.

    1. Thank you Dawn! Being frugal fuels my creativity. I can’t believe what people pay for some of their home decor stuff. I saw a gold wreath that someone had and it was $150, I wanted to tell them I could duplicate it for $5. Haha

    1. That’s why each year (and season) I can easily change things up and get a different vibe… without a lot of money and time! Thanks for visiting friend.

    1. That’s what my husband said… I overheard him telling someone that in pictures our house looks like it belongs in a magazine. And I was like, it always looks this way (less the Christmas decor) it’s just that you’re used to it! haha

  3. I love every single detail, I don’t know if I can even pick a favorite! Those little wreaths on the chairs are so gorgeous and that sign is so perfect! Have such a great holiday season!

    1. I’m with ya… I love so many of the details because they have personal meaning for me. The wreaths with the blue thistle is a nod to our daughter’s wedding, copper reminds me of my mom and grandmother, the sign to remember God on the daily, etc. Many blessings to you and yours! xo

    1. Thanks so much Jen! It really is the little things that make all the difference… and it’s totally stress free!

    1. They are such a beautiful color combo. And yes, the tree is stunning! Loved your Christmas home tour friend!!!

  4. I really like the bells on the ladder…such a fabulous idea…adds a whimsical touch!!!! Thanks for sharing…felt right at home!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Ladders are fun to add a little something, something to – and I saw these bells and knew they would be perfect. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

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