Marketing Your Business: The basics – Enchantment

Marketing Basics - Enchantment

Today is the final post on our mini Marketing Your Business: The Basics series. We’ve been talking about how marketing your business without the basics is frustrating, a waste of time, and typically doesn’t get you the results you want!

So if you’re ready to step up your marketing, here are the 3 basics to marketing your business that you need to know and understand:

Basics #1: Marketing Your Business: The Basics – PHOTOGRAPHY
Basics #2: Marketing Your Business: The Basics – TRUST
Basics #3: Marketing Your Business: The Basics – ENCHANTMENT

Today, we’re going to talk about marketing basics #3: Enchantment. So let’s get started…

Basics #3: Enchantment

Have you noticed how many others offer the same stuff as you? How are you going to stand out? Why should someone pick you or your products over your competitors? The answer is enchantment.

And, you need to be enchanting and unique to attract a loyal following and customer base.

When you don’t offer something unique, things tend to come down to price. And when someone can buy the same product from your competitor for less, they will, UNLESS… you give your target customer another reason to buy from you!

Enchantment is about more than what you sell, it’s about how you sell it.

How does your branding differentiate you? What about your blog posts? How about your packaging? How about your Instagram or Pinterest photos? Do they show off your personality or are they just like your competitors—that are oh-so-boring?!

Manuela Kjeilen passion for baking

Take Manuela Kjeilen, mom to 5, baker, blogger, author, lecturer, photographer and personality behind Passion For Baking as an example. There are tons of other bakers out there, but Manuela who is not a professional baker, nor a professional photographer is enchanting. From her pink website and retro kitchen, amazing photography + simple styling, sweet personality and passion for baking – everything that she does attracts the perfect target customer to her. She’s not vanilla. She’s constantly inspiring…and it’s paying off for her financially, big time!

Passion For Baking kitchen

Think about the people and brands you choose to follow and buy from. What makes them stand out in your mind? How are they different from their competitors? What makes them enchanting – and has you coming back again and again?

Now look at your own business or blog. Be honest with yourself and answer yes or no to each question:

1. Does your brand evoke a strong and immediate reaction from others?
2. Do you have passionate, dedicated followers? (Besides your family and friends)
3. Are you passionate about what you’re doing?
4. Is your brand clearly defined and understood by your ideal target customer?
5. Do people feel connected and relate to you/your business?
6. Does your brand offer something different than your competitors?
7. Do others try to emulate you and what you’re doing?

The more times you can answer yes to the above questions, the more enchanting your business will be to your target customer.

In order to have a successful business you must offer enchantment to the right people. You must be able to show and tell them what makes you different and why they should buy and/or follow you.

Here’s an exercise to help you and your marketing move towards enchanting.

Choose one of the 7 questions above that you answered ‘NO’ to and then ask yourself…
1. Why did I answer no? Write down your answer.
2. How can I turn this ‘no’ into a ‘yes’? Brainstorm at least 3 ways. Can’t come up with 3? Ask current customers, followers, friends, family members or Your Marketing BFF to be BRUTALLY HONEST with you.

Once you have the 3 ways to turn your ‘no’ into a ‘yes’, schedule the tasks on your calendar and get them done!

Want to be enchanting to your ideal customer, but not sure who your ideal customer is? Get our e-book How To Identify Your Ideal Target Customer here for only $5.99


All photos above by the talented Manuela Kjeilen/Passion 4 Baking

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