{Marketing under $50} Treat YOUR Bread and Butter Customers

Your bread and butter customers are those who…

  • Are the steady, consistent customers who buy from you regularly
  • Rave about you to their friends and family
  • Refer you on a consistent basis
  • Most often give you small to medium-sized orders, which can turn into bigger ones!

…are typically the first ones to be forgotten and taken for granted during FLOURISHING economic times.


Because when the ball is financially rolling most entrepreneurs are interested in only the BIG deals, the BIG clients, the BIG score…all of the flash, excitement and BIG money!

This is a huge BFF lesson:

Don’t EVER Forget YOUR Bread & Butter Customers!

In good times and bad, the bread and butter customers will be there for you – still spending money with you, still raving and referring other customers to you – still helping your cash flow!

Treat your bread and butter customers properly!


KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THEM.  They need to be kept informed and know that you care and appreciate them.

And here’s an idea that is clever and inexpensive.

Send them a personalized Message in a Bottle! Honestly, a simple “Thank You” will go a long way.

Here’s how you create it…

  1. Purchase mini cork-topped vials. (Specialty Bottle glass vial VC4C, $0.62 each)
  2. Write on a 2-by-3-inch piece of paper your personal message.
  3. Roll up the paper and slide it into a bottle.

This is a great idea as a mailer (heck – who doesn’t love getting things in the mail?!) or personal hand out.

Don’t forget, this isn’t for ALL your customers, this is a treat for your bread and butter customers only!


FYI: I found this inspirational idea (and photo) via Martha Stewart…she placed names on paper and slid them into the vials as seating cards for  a wedding… and automatically my mind went towards this business use!

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