{Marketing under $50} Memorable Favors/Gifts on a budget!

Are you looking for an inexpensive idea to give clients or hand out at an event/trade show?

Keep in mind, favors don’t have to be big, expensive gifts. In fact, they shouldn’t be.

The secret to memorable favors that don’t break the bank? Buy them in bulk, then repackage them beautifully.

Here’s a great idea that you could easily do yourself…

Truffle Favors

I love the decadence of chocolate truffles and by purchasing them from a candy store, you can easily offer a rich thank-you to your guests!  Feel free to make your own truffles – I like to save time and buy.

You can purchase tiny clay pots from your local craft store. I’d suggest you paint them with a color from your biz color palette, using acrylic paints. Spray all the pots with a clear polyurethane spray to seal them and add a sheen to the finish.

Now place each chocolate truffle in a circle of clear cellophane and tie it at the top with a satin ribbon.

Then place a truffle in each of the painted clay pots.

If you have nice handwriting, write your biz name, website and phone number around the rim of the clay pot with a thin permanent marker.

Voila! A beautiful, memorable and inexpensive favor/gift that can market your business for under $50!


Special thanks to Karen Ellis, eHow Contributor for the great idea.  Source

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