{Marketing under $50} Get Branded In 2012!

Upload your business brand/logo design to create your own, one-of-a-kind iPhone case!

Here’s what I did.

I took my Your Marketing BFF logo design and uploaded it to www.getuncommon.com.  I decided on the iPhone 4/4S capsule case for $39.95.  A week later, and a total cost of $49.25 (shipping and handling), and I have this amazing, custom branded case (image above) that is being seen all over town!

Think about it…I have my phone with me wherever I go and at all times,  it’s a great conversation starter (because it’s new and everyone is curious how they can have one too) plus it’s a great way to market my business inexpensively.

How it works.

  1. Go to www.getuncommon.com
  2. Choose your case.
  3. Upload your image.
  4. They print it in high-quality.
  5. It comes to your door.
  6. Happy Marketing!

If you have a case custom made for your business, let us know, we’d love to see and share it!


 It’s always good to do a search looking for a promo code when you’re looking to buy something. In this case, you could do a Google search for “get uncommon coupon code” and you might just find a code you can use when you ‘check out’ and save even more money!  (I do this all the time – we just had a client save 50% off their yearly hosting using this neat little marketing trick).


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    1. Good idea Bruce! I should drop them a line…they might even provide my followers with a discount/promo. Thanks for the inspiration! 😉

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