{Marketing Tips} A Great Way To Make Cash Fast

As a kid growing up in the far northwest corner of Washington State – think gray, rain and lots of hot baths – I was ALWAYS cold!

Know what I was constantly doing…


Little did I know then that this would also be an INCREDIBLE way to make CASH FAST!

Well I have news for you my business friends.

Right now, many customers are buying only “singles” (lonely little products and services sold alone) from you … and quite frankly… that sucks!

Are you selling lots of “lonely singles?”  If you are, it’s time to BUNDLE UP!

Think back to the last time you bought…

  • A printable party collection: invitation, labels, favor tags, 2” party circles (like the Halloween Glam collection by the TomKatStudio below)

  • A Supreme Car Wash: regular wash, plus wax, carpet vacuumed, interior scent
  • A million other things that are sold together as a PACKAGE

These are just a few examples of multiple products and services BUNDLED TOGETHER.

If you’re not doing this, you’re MISSING OUT.

And like my Grandma Click used to say…


Yikes!!! STOP THAT will you.

Here’s why you should do Bundles.

 – You make MORE MONEY than if the customer just bought SINGLES.

– Your customer ends up TRYING NEW products and services they normally wouldn’t have tried.

– You can move MORE PRODUCTS off your shelves (BONUS IDEA: Group hard-to-sell or old inventory items with newer, more desirable products).

-You provide your customer with a GREAT value!

Bundles Can Either:

1. Offer additional bonuses to increase the perceived value, or

2. Provide a “Reward Discount” for buying the bundle.


Hmmm – I’m pretty sure you’ve been selling lots of LONELY STUFF lately and it’s starting to drive you a little batty (sorry had to do it this close to Halloween!).

My BFF Dare To You?

In the next 7 days, get it together… and Bundle It Up Baby!

So there you have it.

From Your Marketing BFF,





1. A Christmas Story

2. Giraffe Theme Baby Diaper Basket by Daily Walk Gifts and Diaper Cakes

3. Halloween Glam Printable Party Collection by the TomKatStudio, photo by Laura Winslow Photography

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