{Marketing Mistake} Me Too Marketing

Mistake #3: Me Too Marketing

Be honest.

Have you ever looked at other small businesses in your area, ones that ‘appear’ to have a successful business, and see what they are doing to market their business?

Do they…

  • Run ads in the local media with a list of all their products/services?
  • Have a standard brochure or website listing all of their products/services?
  • Have a biz Facebook page?
  • Look like everyone else?

Did I just describe YOUR marketing?

If you’re doing the same thing as your competitors, I’m afraid you’re making the ginormous (gigantic + enormous) mistake of Me Too Marketing.

If you’re average…

you’ve got a bad case of Boring-I-Tis + you’re Blending in with the Wallpaper!

Being average is Oh So Boooooring and not very memorable. So – SET YOURSELF APART and promote your uniqueness.

Not sure what makes you unique?

Here’s what I do:

I focus on what my clients (and friends) tell me they LOVE about me, my work, my products and services.

How do you find out? ASK!!!

Go grab a piece of paper and a pen and start jotting down your answers.

Ask yourself:

  • how am I different?
  • what is my unique specialty?
  • why do people choose me?
  • what interesting EXPERIENCE am I offering?
  • what do I do that’s special for my customers (that NO ONE ELSE does)?
  • what is my WOW factor?
  • do I have a cool story to share about why I started the biz? (we all love a good story)

Ask your customers:

-what they LOVE about you
-what they’d like to have
-what they’d like to see

If you’re doing Me Too Marketing – you’re average and NOT memorable. Trust me, being memorable makes you money!

Now get out there and start promoting AND selling your uniqueness.

So there you have it!


Not sure what sets you/your biz apart from your competitors? Week #3 of the Bootcamp ‘Don’t Blend in with the Wallpaper’ is all about discovering what makes you unique, different and memorable vs. your competitors!


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