{Marketing Mistake} No 1st Class Seating

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Mistake #7: No 1st Class Seating

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve done my fair share of traveling, so much so that I’ve earned the MVP Status on Alaska Airlines.

MVP Status Means 1st Class Seating:

  • No waiting in line to get through security
  • You’re first to board the plane
  • No fighting for overhead space for all your ‘stuff’
  • There’s a drink waiting for you at your seat – that comfy, leather seat in first class with lots of extra leg room.
  • You have a personal flight attendant “on call” for your every whim.
  • A bathroom that you share with a few, not the masses
  • A meal served with linen and metal utensils, no paper and plastic here folks
  • And once your flight is over, you’re the first one to de-board the plane.

This is how Alaska Airlines treats their top 20% customers.

Why? They’ve figured out that these customers are the foundation of their long-term existence and revenue.

Don’t make the ‘No 1st Class Seating’ mistake

There are sooooo many businesses that fail because they aren’t taking EXTRA SPECIAL CARE of their top customers.

Why so critical?

Relationships with your top customers are always a position of strength. These customers are:

  • loyal
  • spend money with you repeatedly
  • raving fans (they LOVE you)
  • your volunteer sales force – which means more business at ZERO cost to you
  • consistently referring other customers to you

80/20 Rule

Did you know that your top 20% customers generate 80% of your income? Hopefully, you’ve been keeping track in your database, if not, start today!

Here are some ideas to give 1st Class Seating to your top customers

  • Have their favorite drink on hand
  • Offer a cappuccino or a glass of wine
  • Nostalgia candy (rootbeer bottles, pop rocks, bazooka gum, red ropes)
  • Latest magazine
  • A special card with a handwritten note inside
  • Movie passes
  • Give them free trial sizes of the products you carry
  • SuperSize their purchase – give them the larger size, for a smaller size price
  • And there’s so many more ideas

Remember – these are your top 20% customers – people who refer you to others, buy tons from you and make you a lot of money.

Who doesn’t like to feel elite?! Give your Top 20 some 1st Class Seating and watch your business and bank account grow!

So there you have it.


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