Are YOU making this Milk-Toast Mistake?

Milk Toast

My Grandma Click was from the deep South and had a passion for cooking (bacon grease in EVERYTHING comes to mind).

She used to make a dish called “Milk Toast”. This consisted of a solid piece of toast with warm milk poured over it.  It is often prescribed for people who are ill, particularly with ulcers.


Because it’s QUITE BLAND!!!

Are YOU making this “Milk-Toast” mistake in your business?

Ask yourself this question:  Do people describe your business or services as standard, average, basic, ordinary, typical, blah, boring, bland?

If so my friend, you’re suffering from the ‘Milk-Toast’ mistake – just like the vast majority of your competitors!

So what do you need to do?

Kick your services up a notch and STAND OUT from the competition BIG TIME!

Here are some services that have been dubbed EXTRAORDINARY:

Strawberry Ice Cream Pedicure – Sip fruit juice while receiving a strawberry fizz ball soak followed by a strawberry exfoliation and topped off with a strawberry-kiwi lotion.
Why it’s a winner: It’s something that mothers and daughters can do together. It’s a good treatment for bonding time!

Bootcamp for Butts and Tummies – This is a serious bootcamp massage and skin treatment for bulges.
Why it’s a winner: It is not only targeted toward women after pregnancy, it’s effective for people who lost weight or are aging.

Ultimate Vino Excursion – Unwind with the signature Chardonnay Massage or experience the Spectacular anti-aging Vino Radiance Facial.
Why it’s a winner: It attracts wine lovers! You get to experience the benefits of antioxidants and clients get to bring home a bottle of Pinot Grigio wine to enjoy later on.

Sure you can offer average, Milk-Toast services like a pedicure, a 1-hr massage, a facial, an excursion…


You can offer Extraordinary (unique, off-the-charts, phenomenal, unexpected, a-maaaazing) services that turn heads, give people something to talk about and easily share with their family/friends/co-workers, and get the phones ringing.

So there you have it.


Photo: Tartine and Apron Strings

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