Instagram has changed their algorithm – so now what?


Instagram Algorithm ChangeDid you know that the average Instagram user was only seeing 30% of the photos in their feed? This is why the team at Instagram recently changed their algorithm – changing the way your feed is organized.

So –

To “improve your experience” Instagram took the chronological list of photos in your feed posted by those you follow to ordering the photos by moments they deem worthy of your interest.

All the photos still appear in your feed, they’re just in a different, algorithm-selected order.  The order is determined by ‘the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content’ + ‘the timeliness of the post’ + ‘your relationship/engagement with the person posting’.

Over time, as more changes are rolled out (trust me, there will be more) it’s possible that less worthy photos will be hidden from your view… just like what happened on Facebook!

What does this mean for you and your brand?

Keep these things in mind as you adapt your Instagram strategy.

  1. Quality, engaging posts are even more important now.
  2. Posting times aren’t as important. No more time zone issues for international bloggers and brands.
  3. Hashtags still work, so keep doing them.
  4. You might get more followers. Now that users can follow more accounts without drowning out their favorites!
  5. I’m anticipating that you’ll be able to start paying to boost your posts since I weathered the 2013 Facebook algorithm change, and Instagram is owned by Facebook. If this occurs, the change will impact organic reach.

Marketing Strategy for you and your brand.

An algorithmic feed means you face more competition. Those who post what is really interesting to the audience will win.

How do you learn what is interesting to your target audience? Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Analyze the content (photos + stories) of successful competitors’ Instagram accounts.
  2. Look at popular Instagram accounts and analyze their content as well.
  3. See what methods are working for #1 and #2 above, and create a similar content plan… that will have you rocking it too!

Even though Instagram has changed their algorithm, I’ve given you a few tips to help you continue to grow your Instagram! Good luck.

*main photo via @kardinalmelon

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    1. Yay! I hope this helps people to understand that change does happen, and we all need to adapt to the changes. xo

  1. Hi TANA!! Τhank you for the valuable advice you give. I already have a blog that I do not feel is as professional as I would like.I do not know how to make it more professional and useful. Could you give me a tip? With Respect, Anila!

    1. Hi Anila! What is the url of your blog? I’d be more than happy to take a peek and give you some advice/tips. xo

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