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How To Find Inspiration When Needed

When times get hectic and I find myself needing some designing help, I draw inspiration from things around me. On the streets, in magazines, on the web or Instagram. And I’m suggesting the same for you too!

Today I’m sharing some of the most beautiful, stunning, inspiring Instagram accounts that inspire me and my own brand. I love, love, love each of these accounts! So – whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to swoon with me… get ready to follow along with some visually breathtaking IG accounts that communicate with intention!


If you haven’t been following me long, you will quickly discover that Dreamy Whites Lifestyle basically describes my design palette! Combine this love for white, with my many travels to France and life growing up on a little farm…you can see why this account inspires me.

Dreamy Whites Lifestyle 1

Dreamy Whites Lifestyle 2

Dreamy Whites Lifestyle 3


I. Love. This. Feed. The bright, light and airy photos have me swooning (and drooling) for hours. This girl has an eye for detail and design – no matter what she’s doing, it looks AMAZING. All you have to do is look at her feed for 3 seconds and you’ll know what I’m saying.

Monika Hibbs 1 Monika Hibbs 2

Monika Hibbs 3


I first met Jillian well not officially, but you know what I mean on the Bachelor (one of the hubs favorite tv shows) and now I watch her on HGTV’s Love it Or List it Too. This show is filmed in Vancouver, Canada – a little over an hour drive north of where I was born and raised (Bellingham, WA) – so perhaps this is part of my attraction to this savvy Canadian. I honestly love every space she designs whether it’s for the show or her own home, it’s SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS, and her fashion sense is spot on!

Jillian Harris 1

Jillian Harris 2

Jillian Harris 3


Calming, soothing, with simple styling. If nothing else, our love for bicycles and flowers make this feed make me feel like I’m on vacation without having to pack a bag! It’s a blast of fresh air – literally!!!

A Beach Cottage 1

A Beach Cottage 2

A Beach Cottage 3


I’m a minimalist and Melissa “The Faux Martha” is set to a minimalist tune! So no matter what she is baking, designing, styling or photographing it’s simply stunning. It’s just my thing and it’s clearly her thing too…we get each other! And did I tell you – she shoots all of her shots with an iPhone only! WOW

The Faux Martha 1

The Faux Martha 2

The Faux Martha 3


I’m a sucker for white with punches of color! Beautiful photography, storytelling in imagery, and the connection between celebration and color is why I can’t get enough of this talented girl!

Anna With Love 1

Anna With Love 2

Anna With Love 3

I like to draw inspiration from industries outside of my own, things that I’ve fallen in love with and want to hopefully ‘loosely’ recreate in the near future. Surrounding myself with inspiration (in this case Instagram inspiration) has made the biggest difference in how I see the world and I hope my clients feel it too.

Now go share what personally inspires you! In doing so, hopefully you will also share a little piece of yourself; past, present and future with your readers!


Cover image by: @monikahibbs, Cover design by: @yourmarketingbff

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