How To Write Evergreen Content To Grow Your Blog


Are you looking to grow your blog? If so, I’m sharing my number 1 strategy to growing a blog – and you definitely don’t want to miss this!

How To Write Evergreen Content To Grow Your BlogHere’s a little back story: SEO has been the single largest driver of traffic (and business) to Your Marketing BFF.

Using what’s known as an evergreen content strategy, I’ve continually grown my traffic, a steady stream of ideal client projects and income! And guess what – SO CAN YOU!

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is any kind of content that is continually relevant, never goes out of date, and stays fresh for readers. (You can learn more about it HERE).

How did I grow my blog… and more importantly, how do you grow your blog?

How did I grow my blog? Mainly through targeting long-tail keywords in evergreen blog posts! Trust me, the long term ROI (Return on Investment) is tremendous, and the required amount of work it takes is not significantly larger to produce!

Now that you know what evergreen content is and how I grew my blog, here are some specific tips on how to write evergreen content to grow your own blog.

Top Tips For Writing Evergreen Content

  1. Choose the right Keywords. If you’re a blog with fewer than a million pageviews a month, long-tail keywords are your best bet! Also, a well-written evergreen post won’t do you any good if people aren’t searching for that topic, so do your keyword research.

 What I do: I do a Google search on the long-tail keyword I’m thinking of using and see how many sites match that search. I try to find a low amount of competition so I can be the ‘big fish in the kiddie pool’, rather than the ‘guppy in the ocean’.

  1. Optimize for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Once you’ve defined your long-tail keyword (one per post), don’t forget to use SEO best practices such as; add alt text to images, put the keyword in your title, URL/permalink and throughout the blog post copy.

Note: A good idea is to also hyperlink related evergreen articles together to improve SEO rankings.

  1. Write for Beginners. You always want to share your knowledge and expertise in a way that a beginner would understand. Trust me, experts won’t be searching for your topic, but a lot of amateurs will. Also, you want to generate evergreen content for a large, repeat audience.
  1. Avoid being too Technical. This goes with #3 above, it’s important to try to avoid using too technical of a language, beginners like things in easy to understand terms – and do they really need to know the full history of X?! Um, NO!
  1. Link Posts Together. If you’re looking to do a complete guide on a topic, divide your broad topic into narrow specific pieces and then link those posts together. This is great for SEO and lets readers solve a specific need while also guiding them to additional relevant posts.
  1. Repurpose existing Content. When you create excellent content, there are many ways you can spin it and re-use in a variety of formats. One example would be roundup posts (a collection of links to existing posts with a similar theme). Another example would be to create a blog post using existing posts that follow the same topic. For example, let’s say you have several paleo recipes on your blog, a good idea would be to create a post with your ‘Readers 5 Favorite Paleo Meals’.

Of course, it’s important that you write evergreen content that is relevant to your blog and/or business + of value to your audience!

I hope my tips on how to write evergreen content to grow your blog has inspired you to start writing evergreen blog posts that produce growth and money!



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