How to translate visually what will appeal to your ideal client

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Hello friends.  It’s time to continue on the “Restart Personal Branding” journey. If you’ve missed parts of this journey or you’re just joining us, you can catch up here:

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5.       How to create a personal brand inspiration board
6.       How To Identify Your Ideal Client

Last month we learned how to identify your ideal client and today we’re going to learn HOW to translate visually what will appeal most to them.


Because it’s your job to do everything that you can to attract more delightful clients like them!  Dig deep and figure out what your ideal client values, what they struggle with, what’s important to them, what makes them the peanut butter to your jelly…then you have something concrete to build your brand around!


If you don’t know who your ideal client is, please go here first.  If you know who your ideal client is, it’s time to figure out the HOW.

HOW to translate visually what will appeal most to your ideal client (SOMEONE LIKE YOU)

Here’s a few exercises that I have our clients do:

-Create an inspiration board. You can learn How to create a personal brand inspiration board here. THIS WILL HELP YOU (and/or your designer) IMMENSELY!!!

-Look at successful brands you love. Pay special attention to font types, colors, layout and how they represented their brand visually.

-Collect fabrics, ribbons, scrap paper, a piece of art, a favorite decor item, etc. that you are drawn to.

-Look at every image, color, font and design element that communicates who you are and will represent you visually.

By doing the exercises above, the visual answers will be there. But what if you’re not seeing them? Give your completed inspiration board and notes (who your ideal client is, branding words, list of strengths) to a branding professional…they will listen to your vision and help you translate it visually into your brand!

Note: I like to write my thoughts and answers down. It really helps me/my brand stay defined and not get off course!

Here’s my own ‘Your Marketing BFF’ branding notes:

My ideal client? Someone like me.

  1. A go-getter woman entrepreneur, driven, creative/talented – always wanting to learn/grow, is authentic, not afraid to ask, willing to pay for value/end result (could be time, could be money), loyal relationship – ally working together,  a roll up your sleeves and let’s get ‘er done type of gal.
  2. Likes simplicity – not a lot of drama, chaos, noise, fakeness. ‘Less is more’.
  3. Authentic/Real – shows warts and all, doesn’t put on a front.
  4. Modern, sophisticated, yet comfortable.
  5. Loves timeless classics (movies, clothing, brands), Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Guess.
  6. Loves marketing, branding, design, creative business, telling the story (they may not know how to do it, but appreciate and/or understand the process).
  7. Luxury without the high price
  8. Likes an Editorial style
  9. Feminine. Ambitious. Determined. With Energy.

How does my personal brand translate visually?

  1. Modern, clean, sleek, simplistic style – editorial in nature.
  2. Luxury, sophisticated, high-end branding (typically black and white, glossy, silver or mirror, and punches of bold color(s))
  3. CHANEL-esque, APPLE-esque, GUESS ads
  4. Great photography –shares/tells a great story + leaves lasting impression. Cinematography too!

Never lose sight of your ideal client. Every decision you make in branding should speak directly to them.

The key is to SHOW CONSISTENCY visually across everything that you do…so whether it’s through your blog or website, business card, email, Facebook, Instagram, etc., EVERYTHING should be cohesive and consistent!

Why the importance of creating an authentic visual experience?

Ultimately you’ll have something that feels and looks like you + speaks to your ideal client…AND will attract and bring you people that you enjoy to work with!


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