How To Resize Multiple Images in Photoshop (at one time)

How To Resize Multiple Images in Photoshop At One TimeDo you resize your images for a blog post one by one? If you do, you’re wasting a lot of valuable time.

Luckily, there’s a great way to resize multiple images in Photoshop, all at one time, that will save you a TON of time!

How To Resize Multiple Images in Photoshop

  1. Open Photoshop. Then do File > Scripts > Image Processor.

  1. Upon opening the Image Processor script you’ll be presented with a dialog box (see image below) that will walk you through how to configure each step before running the image processor. It’s relatively straightforward and only involves four steps.

STEP 1: Select the images to process.

In most cases you’ll check ‘Select Folder’ and locate the source folder that contains all of the images you would like resized. However, there will be occasions when you already have images open in Photoshop and instead of choosing a folder you can simply check ‘Use Open Images’.

STEP 2: Select Location To Save Your Resized Images

I like to ‘Save In Same Location’. This places the resized images into a folder within the original folder. Note: you can always create a new destination folder that you name accordingly, for saving the resized images.

STEP 3: Select File Type and Image Dimensions

 You have three different file type options to choose from; JPEG, PSD and TIFF. Note: You’re not limited to only one type – so feel free to check all formats that you want. For blog posts, I go with the JPEG file format and a 12 quality.

Now that you’ve selected the file type, it’s time to put a check in the box ‘Resize To Fit’ option. Go ahead and enter the maximum width and height, in pixels, that you would like your images to fit. My blog post image size is 625 x 938 and so that’s what I’ve placed in the W and H. Place the size that’s best for your blog. Note: Each image will retain its original proportions and not be distorted.

STEP 4: Preferences

Photoshop has also included actions within the image processor preferences. So – not only can you resize your images, you can also apply existing or custom created actions to your images. For example, you could add a custom watermark to each of your resized images! I include a check in the box to include the ICC Profile with each image, but this is not necessary.

  1. Run Script. Now that you’ve configured the Image Processor click RUN and Photoshop will batch resize all of your images.

  1. You’re Done. Go to the original selected image folder, open it and you will see the new folder that contains all of your images at the new size you selected in step 3!

See how easy it is to resize multiple images in Photoshop at one time!

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to resize multiple images in Photoshop – you’re going to save yourself a ton of time. Cheers!


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  1. Um.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? How did I not know you could do that!? I’m up late resizing images for hours as we speak! THANK YOU so much Tana! Best post!! I need to send you a thank you package for that one! Ha .. 🙂 XO

    1. I love providing these ‘little things’ that help people, like you, make progress in their blogging life. xo friend!

  2. Thank you so much for this post, Tana! I finally decided to get Adobe Photoshop since I was losing quality by resizing my images in Adobe Lightroom. Have you ever explained your whole editing process, from Photoshop, to Lightroom, to your blog? I would love to see the whole process from start to finish!

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