How To Receive Facebook Group Notifications

how to receive Facebook Group notifications

Do you belong to any Facebook groups? Do you want to receive notifications when a member posts to the group? Today I’m going to show you exactly how to receive notifications from a Facebook group you’ve joined.

What are Facebook groups?

Facebook groups allow members to discuss a specific topic or theme, share relevant content and/or images online.

Some Facebook groups are free + anyone can join, others are ‘closed’ and only for people who have paid to be a part of that particular group.

For example, bloggers who join my BLOG EDU membership, belong to my closed Facebook group called ‘BLOG EDU with Tana Nelson’. In this Facebook group we discuss and post everything related to blogging. Only members who belong in this group can see the postings, watch the videos and interact with other bloggers in the group.

Don’t I automatically receive notifications from Facebook groups that I belong to?

Nope. A Facebook group cannot post updates to your Facebook homepage news feed, but it can send email and chat message notifications of all news posts if you change your settings.

Steps To Receive Facebook Group Notifications.

Here’s how to receive Facebook group notifications:

  1. Sign into your Facebook account.
  1. Click on the “Groups” button (in the left-hand menu of your Facebook homepage) to view the Facebook Groups you’re in.
how to receive Facebook Group notifications-2
  1. Click on the Facebook Group you want to get notifications from. This will open the group’s homepage.

Don’t see your Group? Facebook shows only recently visited groups in the homepage menu. If you cannot see the group that you want to edit in step 3, click the blue “See More” link to view a full list of all your Facebook Groups.

  1. Click on “Joined” (located under the group cover photo, to the right), then select “Manage notifications” from the dropdown, then select “All Posts”. This way you’ll get notifications any time members post in the group. Or in the case of my BLOG EDU members, they’ll receive a notification every time I go LIVE with a Facebook Live video!

Now that you know how to receive Facebook group notifications, go to your favorite Facebook Groups and set up notifications! This way it’s easier to stay up-to-date and be notified with things going on in the group!


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    1. Hi Doris- That’s the problem with doing social media type posts, the social media platforms are always changing, haha. I’ve updated step #4… with up-to-date screenshots and directions! Cheers.

        1. Hi Tracy- this sounds like a ‘computer’ setting. I’d suggest going to your computer’s settings area and then notifications. For me there’s a box to check that says “show notifications on the lock screen”. Hope this helps! xo

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