How To Identify Your Ideal Client

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To build a solid foundation for your blog business, you must first identify who is (and isn’t) the ideal client and/or ideal reader for you.

I recently consulted a woman fashion blogger who was interested in us helping her create a more modern, sophisticated, luxe-inspired brand for her blog business.

I asked her, “Who is your ideal client?”

She answered, “EVERYONE!”

Hmmm. Let me say this loud and clear…EVERYONE IS NOT YOUR IDEAL CLIENT!

I know some people just do not want to hear that.  They are afraid to target their efforts for fear of “missing” opportunities.  But really all they are doing is spewing a “one-size-fits-all” message that NO ONE HEARS.

When you try to please everybody and target to the mass population, you’re going to have a hard time differentiating yourself from others in the industry.

In fact, you will actually attract fewer clients because:

  • It’s difficult to create a specific message to speak to everyone.
  • It can be confusing.
  • People tend to ‘tune out’ and assume that it doesn’t personally relate to them.
  • Everything has been diluted – your marketing message, you as an expert in a particular area of service, your value – thus leaving an impression of BLAH!

I’m going to be really blunt here.

Experts make more money. They attract more clients. They are recognized as a higher value, worth paying more for. They are sought after.

A key to attracting your ideal client is…write this down…

You want to have a reputation as THE ONE in the industry to be able to serve a particular type of client, with a particular type of solution.

In order to attract your ideal client and make the kind of money that you’ve always dreamed, you need to stop marketing to everyone and start targeting a specific group of people.

In order to do this my friend, you need to start Focusing on a Specific group of people who:

  • You would enjoy working with every day because everything just clicks!They are the peanut butter to your jelly, the cheese to your macaroni, the salt to your pepper, the ketchup to your fries, the cream to your coffee.
  • From the first moment you meet, they feel like they’ve been a friend for years.
  • See you as the ‘expert’ in your field.
  • Are loyal and want to see you succeed.
  • Are best suited to you, your products and services!

Have you ever heard the saying…

Birds of a feather flock together.

What this means is that similar types of people tend to be friends and like to do the same types of things and run in the same circles – they enjoy and hang out together.

In most cases, your ideal client and ideal reader is SOMEONE LIKE YOU!

Wouldn’t you love it if every reader and every prospect client that comes to your blog totally gets you? Of course you do…This is the goal! If they don’t get you, they’re not your ideal client or reader!



A little something extra…

Did you ever watch the show on Bravo TV called Toned Up? It features Karena and Katrina; two funny, quirky, talk a like, feed off each other successful business partners. Watch this clip for the first 30 seconds and you’ll see why these ladies (who met and became best friends immediately) are ‘birds of a feather that flock together’ in business! Enjoy.

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