How to determine your personal brand style

Personal Style Closet Exploration

There are a number of ways to begin to identify your personal style.  The first thing I ask clients to do in their personal style exploration is to look in their closet!

I bet you think I’m crazy don’t ya?! Well I’m not.  Take a walk into your closet and check out what you buy, what you like, what you wear, and why.

Personally my closet contains:

-A lot of solid colors. Mainly black, white, brown and whatever the hot color of the season is.
-I have a couple of patterns I like such as; houndstooth, mod and stripes.
-Cuts/styles that stand the test of time. I mean hey – does a turtleneck ever go out of style? A simple shift dress? White and black?
-Day-to-day I am a jeans and t-shirt or sweater (depending on the time of year) kind of gal, BUT if I’m speaking, I tend to be more of a walking Ann Taylor ad.
-I have very little jewelry.
-I love my Louis Vuitton luggage and purses.
-And pretty much anything Chanel.

What does my closet say about my personal style?  I’m a simple, modern, minimalistic chic gal with a timeless classic style!  Do you see this style in my Your Marketing BFF branding?! Of course you do!!!

Now it’s your turn. Here’s a few questions and things to jot down:

  1. What colors do you see MOST of in your closet?  These are usually the colors that look best on you and colors that you naturally gravitate towards.  A few of these colors could be a possibility for your personal brand.
  2. Do you see a consistent look or theme? Solids, patterns, sparkles, vintage tees? These could be great for patterns or textures to incorporate into your brand.
  3. Do you have a FAVORITE go-to outfit? What is it and why is it your favorite pick.
  4. If money wasn’t an issue, where would you shop for clothes? You know the old saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Take a look at their clothes and see what articles you would buy if money was no object!

I hope this journey into your closet will help jump start your personal style exploration.

Still feeling stuck?

Here’s a few more suggestions to assist you in identifying your personal style:

  1. Look around your home. Are your furnishings, décor, accents… traditional? Modern? Rustic? Shabby Chic? Do you love wood? Metal? Concrete? Tile?
  2. Dream of any store that if money wasn’t an object you’d shopI’m drawn to Z Gallerie, CB2, Chanel. 
  3. Look at your Pinterest boards or the boards of your favorite pinners, if you have any.

Write your findings down on a piece of paper (or key into your phone, computer or iPad)!

Next week, we’re going to expand on this journey and learn how to create an inspiration board… as we continue to work towards creating a more personal, relatable, and uniquely you brand for your business – so you can have the business of your dreams AND make more money!

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