How To Crop and Resize Images In Adobe Photoshop CC

Do you know how to scale or crop an image to a specific size in Photoshop? I’ve noticed a lot of people getting tripped up when I say their blog post images should be a specific size for their theme.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you some tricks with the crop tool so you can learn how to crop and resize images in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Crop and Resize Images To Exact Dimensions and Size

Step 1: Open the photo and/or image you want to resize.

Click on FILE > OPEN, locate the image you want to resize.

Post Example: My original photo (main image above) was 2400 pixels wide x 3600 pixels high, but I want to resize it to 750 pixels wide x 1000 pixels high.

Step 2: Choose the crop tool from the tool bar. It’s above the eye dropper tool.

Once you’ve selected the crop tool, you will see the crop boundaries – which can be selected and dragged.

Step 3: In the tool options bar (located at the top) do the following:

  • change the option to W x H x Resolution.
  • type in your desired size. Note: The first number will always be the width and the second the height. Post Example: I have typed in 750 px – 1000 px – 72 px/in

Note: For web, it’s usually 72 pixels per inch. For print, 300 pixels per inch is common.

Step 4: Press the ENTER key to apply the crop.

Do you see that it is exactly the size I set the W x H x Resolution to? My photo is now exactly 750 pixels wide x 1000 pixels high and 72 pixels per inch.

Now, if I want to change where the photo will be cropped, I could move my image up and down or scale the cropping boundaries from the corner.  For example, say I don’t want any of the plate to get cropped, I would move the photo above up a bit within the cropping boundaries (on a PC, left click on the mouse and move the photo within the crop boundaries to the ‘photo cropping’ look you desire) and apply it by hitting the ENTER key.

Whether I go up or down or shrink the cropping boundaries by pulling the cropping boundaries in by a corner, my image stays locked at the 750 x 1000 size.

I know some of you will ask, so…

This isn’t necessary, but if you want to ‘check’ your image size, click on IMAGE > IMAGE SIZE.

Step 5 Optional: Making a crop preset

I always make my blog post vertical images the same size and by having a crop preset – I can get them done a lot quicker! How can you do the same?

Save your settings as a preset, so that you don’t have to enter it every time.

In the tool options bar, in the dropdown, choose New Crop Preset. Photoshop will name it for you or you can name it whatever you’d like.

Click OKAY to save your new crop preset.

Next time when you need to crop or resize an image in Photoshop, your preset will always be available in the drop down menu from the options bar – and then you simply have a 1-click application.

I hope today’s tutorial helped you to understand how to crop and resize images in Adobe Photoshop CC!

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