{How-To} Create a multi-purpose live/work space

What was once a lovely dining room is now filled with filing boxes, printer wires and all the “stuff” of a busy office. Unfortunately, this means that when the day is over, you have no space where you can relax, enjoy a lovely meal or entertain your family and friends.

Does this sound like your home office?

If you answered yes, applying the principle of double-duty design is something that will help you and your business become more productive.

Double-duty design is where you create a beautiful area that serves as a super efficient office by day and then transforms into an inviting, relaxing space by night.

You can watch this video clip from HGTV’s Candice Tells All. In this (3:51) video Candice applies the principle of double-duty design  for a woman that works and lives in her loft.

A few of the things that caught my eye were:

  • A TV that swivels. During the day the TV is used for presentations and blocks the view from everything in the office and it becomes simply the TV when “home”.
  • Conference table by day, dining table by night.
  • Couch is used as a client waiting area by day, seating and/or bed by night.
  • The “Bubble” chandelier (which you can re-create by following our DIY example here) is a stunning focal piece of art by day, soothing light by night.

I hope this has inspired you to re-think your multi-purpose live/work space. Have you created a double-duty workspace? Tell us what you’ve done.


*Photos via HGTV/Candice Tells All: Double-Duty Loft Re-design episode.

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