How 8 Bloggers Are Making Thousands Every Month!


Do you follow any bloggers that provide monthly income reports? I love reading them, but not just for the income… I get excited learning what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and what new things they’re trying!

Reading monthly income reports inspire and motivate me to do more financially with my own blog and I know they can do the same for you!

Why do bloggers publish an income report?

-A way to reflect on the previous month earnings
-To keep track of goals and growth (plus share with others at the same time)
-Educate others that they too can earn money from a blog and/or key takeaways
-To learn from past mistakes and/or see areas for improvement
-It’s a driver of traffic to their site

How 8 Bloggers Are Making Thousands Every Month!

I’ve compiled a list of bloggers who share their income reports each month. If you are interested in starting your own blog, I have 7 basic steps to start a blog on your own quickly and inexpensively, but if you need more hand holding here’s the link to my How To Start A Blog ebook as well.

Note: Two of the bloggers on the list (Melyssa Griffin and Pinch of Yum) have stopped sharing monthly income reports due to time constraints, but you can still glean a lot of great information from their past income reports and thus why they are still on the list below.

All incomes stated below are earned income (not net income) for July 2017, unless otherwise noted.

Smart Passive Income $321, 642.86

Smart Passive Income is my favorite income report to read each month. Pat makes a ridiculous amount of money each month through his blog and he’s not afraid to try new things (and share his findings).

Most of this income came from his Power-Up Podcasting Course ($243,332) and affiliate earnings ($56,855.86).

Melyssa Griffin – $283,680 as of Dec 2016

Mostly from her online e-course, but $25,572 was from affiliate marketing. Note: she did have a cost of $52,582 in Facebook ads – but clearly these ads sold plenty of courses!

Making Sense of Cents – $110,897.33

With income over $100,000 for 7 consecutive months, she made $56,202.33 from affiliate income and $41,770.00 from her online course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing (which I have personally purchased and highly recommend, you can get this amazing course here).

Pinch of Yum – $70,340.54 as of Nov 2016

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve heard me mention Pinch of Yum on occasion. Even though this highly successful food blog is no longer producing monthly income reports, you can learn A LOT from their past reports.

I love Bjork’s key takeaways because he has always been on the cutting edge of trends and willing to experiment. Luckily, I belong to their Food Blogger Pro membership group, so I still get this amazing information from Bjork.  I’d recommend you join Food Blogger Pro too!

Believe In A Budget – $29,268.78*

Most of the income comes from her own courses/products as well as affiliate income.

*At the time of this post, her July Income report had not been posted, this is June’s income.

Market Your Creativity – $12,766.11

Makes majority of the money from her on-going Luminaries Club membership dues, but also makes money from her Complete Copywriting course and taking on private clients.

Millennial Boss – $1,966

Majority of her income comes via affiliate income ($1,818)

This Fairy Tale Life – $1,414.87

Most of her income came from Mediavine advertising, but she also does sponsored content and affiliate marketing.

My goal in sharing a variety of blog income levels, was to show you that even if you’re a new blog, you can start making money. Don’t be discouraged, these bloggers started at $0 per month and worked their way up.

*post contains affiliate links*

If you are interested in starting a blog, I created 7 basic steps that you can follow to start a blog of your own quickly and inexpensively, but if you need more hand holding my How To Start A Blog ebook is perfect for you. NOTE: If you want to make money blogging, you want/need a self-hosted website. Bluehost is who I recommend for beginning bloggers – it’s inexpensive and comes with a free blog domain name.


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    1. Right?! We can all learn so much from others… who started before you or who figured out the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ sooner. He’s pretty amazing! Keep listening to those podcasts. xo

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