{Happy Customers} Permanent Makeup by Adriana

(Before and After Permanent Makeup by Adriana website)

Adriana, the owner of Permanent Makeup by Adriana, had come a long way already, she:

  • Made marketing/attracting clients a priority in her biz,
  • Figured out EXACTLY who her ideal client is and what they are looking to solve,
  • Knew what makes her biz SPECIAL versus her competitors, and
  • Could explain IN-PERSON what she did in a concise way that would grab the attention of (and attract) her ideal client.

So what was the problem?

A number of potential clients’ first impression of Permanent Makeup by Adriana was not in-person, it was through her website or business card.

And quite honestly her marketing materials did not match her “contemporary sanctuary” spa location, the “oasis of calm” that is felt when Adriana is working on one of her clients, nor her “fun-nature, warm and inviting” personality.

Being AWARE of who you are and the client that best suits you/your biz is key.  But you need to craft an overall brand/image that acts as a GIANT MAGNET to attract (rather than repel) your ideal client to you.

“I didn’t realize how much my marketing materials were actually turning customers away from my business,” said Adriana. “Now that my image is clearly defined and my marketing materials match my business image, I’ve increased my business by 75%!”

Here’s the Permanent Makeup by Adriana business card makeover before and after.

And some additional marketing materials that we’ve designed for Adriana:

Kudos to Adriana and the growth her business has achieved since completing the Bootcamp! And a special thanks for letting us design the website, business card and other marketing materials. So fun!

P.S. If you’ve ever thought about permanent makeup for yourself or someone that you love AND are lucky enough to live (or visit) here in the Valley, go see Adriana.  Be sure to tell her I sent you and I’m sure she’ll give you a deal! Happy Customers are like that!!!

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