Facebook just changed things again!!!

Facebook-Change-ButtonFacebook just changed things up again, but this time it’s REALLY GOOD NEWS for Page owners.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced a slight tweak to the News Feed algorithm…

  1. LESS text-only posts from Pages in your News Feed (due to text-only posts not getting much engagement).
  2. Facebook also announced that they will start to push MORE “link-share” posts from Pages out into the News Feed of our fans (due to these receiving more engagement = more likes, comments, shares and clicks).

See Facebook’s official announcement of this newest News Feed ranking algorithm change here.

What’s a “link-share” post? Let me show ya!

Most of us embed our links directly into our status updates, but that’s no longer effective…I’d suggest you no longer do this:

Embedding links in status ex

Instead, create a LINK-SHARE post that looks like this:

A Link Share ex

Notice how there is an image in the post as well as the title and description text below the image? That’s a “link-share” post.


When you add a link to a status update, the image with the title and description should automatically get pulled into the post, thus creating a “link-share” post. You can then delete the link in the status update box because the image and the description are now clickable.

That’s it!

You can continue to also create status updates where you actually upload the image yourself.  When you do that, I suggest you upload an image that is 1200 x 1200 pixels (that’s big, I know!) and Facebook will resize it for you so that your post will show up correctly (nothing will get cut off) on your timeline, in the desktop News Feed and on mobile News Feeds as well.

As always, it’s important for Pages to continue to experiment further with the best post types for YOUR particular audience. Use a mix of photos, videos, links (with the preview left in place), events, offers, milestones, and text status updates.

I know Facebook can be frustrating – especially when you know that the organic reach has declined and only a VERY LOW percentage of fans end up actually seeing your posts in their News Feed. But remember, Facebook is a powerful tool for relationship building, but it’s not the only tool.  The secret to success is to NOT put all your marketing eggs in the Facebook basket…a website with content marketing + multiple social media platforms + email marketing is important!

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Have a great weekend!

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