Engage Your Email Subscribers With A Welcome Email Sequence

Engage email subscribers with a welcome email sequence

Have you been feeling discouraged with the amount of growth in email subscribers, but your revenue growth has been stagnant?

Perhaps it’s time for you to tweak how you’re engaging your email subscribers with your initial welcome email and follow up welcome email sequence!

In the world of marketing, first impression is everything. Even your welcome emails matter!

Invest in developing a unique and creative welcome email sequence that will take the subscriber through a journey that introduces you, your brand, some of your best content, plus what’s next. This ‘email journey’ is designed to persuade prospective clients to become buyers!

If you want to engage your email subscribers with a welcome email sequence – one that will help boost engagement and sales – these are the 7 tactics that should be utilized:

1. Use Branded Emails

Create this series of emails that will set you apart from your competitors. Do this by ensuring that your logo, voice, images, theme, and typography are a consistent representation of you and your brand.

Instead of using text-only campaigns, branded emails will yield better open rates since they serve as visual cues that remind customers of the brand itself.

Remember that new subscribers don’t always know your brand well, so your welcome emails will help them to intimately get to know, like and trust you and your brand.

2. Set Expectations

The first email is extremely important because it’s THE FIRST email that all of your subscribers will receive; welcoming them, setting expectations of how often you email, what you email and what’s going to happen from this point forward.

This is the time to provide them with information on possible rewards, perks, and frequency of email distribution. That way, they won’t be surprised with what they got themselves into.

As noted earlier, new subscribers might be unfamiliar with your blog/business, so it’s always good to provide a brief overview in this first welcome email.

3. Send It Sooner

Think about this: You want to be a part of a particular community, how soon do you want to be accepted officially?

Of course, as soon as possible.

When subscribers opt in, send the first welcome email immediately upon sign up. Take advantage of this fresh moment of subscription. When you send it at a later time, there are high chances that your new subscriber might have forgotten that they subscribed. People nowadays have short attention spans!

The more convenient and faster, the better. 

Note: I immediately send out the first welcome email and then send the additional welcome emails in the sequence, a week apart from the previous email.

4. Write An Appropriate Signature

Now the lingering question is: From whom would it sound better—coming from a person or a company, or both?

In marketing, one important trick to make an email personal is to use an actual name as signature as opposed to a generic no-reply business address.

Some use both individual and company names just to ensure that the new subscribers will recognize the brand the sender is affiliated to.

On the other hand, if being personal is not necessary, you may use the company’s name instead

Above all else, be consistent with which name to put after the “from” line.

FYI: I use my personal name + blog name, so I sign off with: Tana – Your Marketing BFF.

5. Create a Compelling Subject Line

Subject lines are an overview of what the email is all about. One of the ways on how to engage your email subscribers is to nail the subject line. It gives the impression that this email is worth the read.

Short but sweet – don’t try so hard is my motto. A simple yet straightforward subject pretty much works well for anyone. Every word in your subject line matters. Here are some real life examples:

  • Groupon – Welcome Aboard! Ready to Get Half Off?
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters – A free sample of fresh coffee is on its way.
  • Aritzia – Let’s Get to Know Each Other
  • Magnolia – Welcome to Magnolia + 15% Off Your Next Order!

6. Be Relatable

Know your buyer persona (a.k.a know your subscriber) – who they are, what they like, and what they value. 

Because when you do, you can easily tailor the content in a way that speaks personally to that person. 

Skip bland, “corporate business” talk – otherwise, you’ll just probably end up becoming one of the many ignored and unread messages in their inboxes.

People want more energy, positive vibes, and bubbly personalities. It’s about hitting their sweet spot.

Casual phrases such as “welcome aboard,” “let’s get in touch,” and “cheers to a new friendship” are effective and friendly.

Another secret that you must never forget… is to insert the subscriber’s name into the email!  Who doesn’t love to receive a personal email?

Quite simple, right? Don’t be surprised how being relatable can dramatically increase your email engagements.

7. Include Call to Actions

Aside from welcoming and telling your newest subscribers how you appreciate them, don’t forget to tell them what to do next.

Including a call to action in each email can lead your subscribers to the next steps of the sale process.

Next steps could be to some of your top content or how to use your product or how to setup an account. Next steps could also be to provide free content (such as a blog post, Youtube video, Podcast, article, etc.), a free download or discounts on their first purchase.

Now it’s time to get started.

If you want to engage your email subscribers with a welcome email sequence – one that will help boost engagement and sales – I strongly urge you to use these 7 tactics!

It’s important to create relatable, branded, unique, and catchy welcome emails that will ignite good first impressions as well as engage and generate sales.

Good luck on creating your welcome email sequence!

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