How To Start A Blog Ebook is Here!!!

How To Start A Blog: Everything You Need To Know To Create and Start A Blog is officially here! And I’m so excited to have my first ebook completed and launched.

Truth be told, I planned on writing this book almost 4 years ago! Yes, you read that correctly. And my husband has basically been on me for the past 3 to get it done, haha.

Blogging has been a game changer for me and I want the same for you!

Brief History: How Your Marketing BFF blog came to be.

If you don’t know my back story – here’s some brief history: I used to have a marketing agency that focused on working with Fortune 500 manufacturing companies (companies like Apple, Fuji Film and Motorola). So back in the day we did a lot of packaging development + design, salesman materials, new product launches, point of sale marketing pieces, trade show booths, websites, etc. I was an entrepreneur + small business and yet I was struggling to find time to work with others like me.

Packaging Design and Campaign we created for Supreme PetFoods

My goal in starting this blog was to give free marketing advice to creatives, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who were struggling with their marketing efforts. Those who had something special, but simply didn’t know what to do or how to do it.

Did I say this was brief, haha! Well – this little old blog took off like a rocket! And in a few short months, I closed the door on my thriving marketing agency and started blogging full-time.

The blog made a huge impact in my life… working from home, no longer traveling (except for fun), no whining employees, no headaches, fabulous clients, loyal readers, time with the family and the gift to do what I love – designing and helping others!

BTW: when I started this blog, I knew VERY LITTLE about blogging and existing bloggers were not very helpful – like at all! It was more of a ‘me’ mentality versus the ‘we’ mentality of helping one another that I strongly advocate and blog about today.

Starting A Blog Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated.

So after the first year, many hours researching/searching the internet trying to decipher what information was relevant or not to growing a successful blog, and wanting to help EVERYONE that I could… I created this book!

How To Start A Blog will teach you how to start a blog and save you hours of time by providing all the information you need in one place. It’s your step-by-step guidebook chock full of my best strategies, processes and tips.

What you’ll get?

  • Technical help that will help you setup the technical end of your blog, from picking a name, to hosting, to choosing a theme and creating key pages for your site.
  • 170+ pages, in a nice PDF format, to help you attract your ideal readers, create engaging content, create a compelling brand, use photography to successfully sell you/your “stuff” and to set up your blog for success FROM DAY ONE!
  • Lessons on how to create a list of blog post ideas, drool worthy photography, how to become a successful blogger, and so much more.

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog, this ebook is for YOU!

You can learn more about How To Start A Blog: Everything You Need To Know To Create and Start A Blog by clicking here to head over to the landing page!

Hope you enjoy the book! I can’t wait to see AND read your blog!!!

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