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Your Marketing BFF Email DesignA few months ago, I designed my email to match the look and feel of this blog, and it was so great to see my traffic and page views increase. The above shot is the new look. And because it’s been so positive for my business, I thought I’d share it with all of you…

I wanted a look that was modern, sophisticated, and an extension of this blog. I also wanted to showcase the newest post (image + first few sentences), provide a list of recent posts, and allow readers with an easy way to forward and share us with their friends.

I chose MailChimp as my email marketing service because I liked the professional design styling capabilities, tracking, and affordable pricing plans they offered.

Note: If you’re a DIYer, MailChimp has a wide variety of free customizable templates for you to choose from…and it’s free if you have less than 2,000 subscribers.

mailchimp pricing


If you don’t want to miss a single post, be sure to subscribe to Your Marketing BFF one of two ways:

  1. Enter your email into the box under the SUBSCRIBE header, or
  2. “Subscribe to us” via our RSS feed under the CONNECT header.

You’ll find both of these options on our side bar. Do it now! {Grin}

Subscribe to Your Marketing BFF

Having a professional email is part of the process to achieving success with your brand and driving additional traffic to your site…and based on my own experience, I’d highly recommend you doing the same!

I hope this post was helpful in some small way. Thank you for reading, and have a great week!

Need help getting started with a branded email design on MailChimp? Drop me a line at


I know some of you are curious about the look of our old email. Besides the fact that it was generic and didn’t match our brand, our only option was to provide the entire post – so it wasn’t driving traffic back to our site!  I’m embarrassed, but here it is:

Old Your Marketing BFF email

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