DIY Photo Light Box – for Fab Product Shots


diy photo light box

Have you ever wondered how people get those gorgeous, bright white shots of their products? Here’s one way – and it uses an inexpensive diy photo light box!

By taking photos inside a box that diffuses natural light from all sides, you can remove harsh shadows and end up with a crisp white, magazine-like quality to your photos.

Photo Styling diy photo light box
-Cardboard box (mine was 18x18x24)
-White tissue paper (purchased at the Dollar Store)
-Clear packing tape
-Utility knife
-White poster board since my box was so long, I used two pieces of poster board so that it reached the edge of my box (purchased at the Dollar Store)

How to:
-Tape the bottom of the box
-Cut off the top side flaps of the box
light box image 1
-Cut out a rectangle 1” shy of the sides, on 3 sides of the box
photo light box image2
-Tape together tissue paper, large enough to completely cover the opening of one side of the box. Create three of these
-Tape tissue paper to each (outer) open side of the box – It should look like this after you’ve covered all three sides
diy photo light box image2
-Cut poster board to fit the (inside) width of the box
-Place the poster board in the box so that it curves inside the box
diy photo light box image3
-Place box in as much light as possible
-Place your product or objects at the flat part of the poster board (inside the box)
diy photo light box behind the scenes
-Take your photo(s).

Once I got my photos into Photoshop I didn’t have to do much to my images. I played slightly with the brightness/contrast and simply cropped.

Here is the after pic:
Photo Styling with diy photo light box

Okay – now it’s your turn! Trust me, you got this girl!!!


Special thanks to Valerie of Lily & Val for the beautiful chalkboard notecard! And SweetiesbyKim for the chocolate covered ‘chevron’ oreos. They were perfect for my photoshoot. Xo

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