DIY Painted Kitchen Rug

DIY Painted Kitchen Rug that is blue and white.

Welcome to the Home Décor Craft + DIY Blog Hop! If you are visiting from Leslie of My 100 Year Old Home, welcome. Her flower pillow DIY is GORGEOUS, and I’m sure I’ll be making a couple for my own home!

Last year I did a DIY Painted Doormat ‘Cute Shoes’ and it was a huge hit – it even sparked a few girls night craft parties!

This year I decided to create a DIY Painted Kitchen Rug!

This brain child idea came when I started searching for a new kitchen rug to buy and I couldn’t believe how expensive they were. So the frugal, creative person in me decided to make my own. And I think it’s the perfect newest addition to our modern, white kitchen!

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DIY Painted Kitchen Rug Supply List

This is what you will need to make one for yourself:

  • Floor Runner Rug (Mines from Amazon $23.99, it’s 23.6″ x 51″) 
  • Flower Template Design (or whatever design you choose to do)
  • Computer Paper
  • Sharpie Marker
  • White Matte Fabric Craft Paint
  • Small Angular Paint Brush (I have this set)

DIY Painted Kitchen Rug Steps

  1. Print the ‘flower’ design onto computer paper. You can download my design HERE.
  2. Cut out the design.
  3. Lay your cut design/stencil onto the rug.
  4. Trace around the design with a sharpie marker.
  5. Dip your paint brush in some paint and paint between the lines. Keep painting until you’ve fully covered your stencil design with paint.
  6. I let the paint dry and then did a second coat of paint, in a few areas.
diy painted kitchen rug steps

I really enjoyed doing this fun project… and for less than $30, it’s a SCORE! Plus it adds a lot of POW to our mainly white kitchen!

diy painted kitchen rug blue and white-3

You should give it a try.

BTW: The rug I purchased also comes in other colors like coffee, brown, dark gray, light gray, and red. And you can choose longer lengths as well.

Whether you use my flower template or create your own design, you can have a beautiful diy painted kitchen rug (at a fraction of the cost) that your family and friends will love!

diy painted kitchen rug blue and white-4

BTW: Do you love IKEA hacks? I do.

Next up is a great IKEA hack by my talented friend Beth of 1111 Light Lane, where you’ll find her diy succulent shelf hack… which would go perfectly in my home… and probably anywhere in your home too!

Here’s a sneak peek:


You can check out the succulent tutorial and visit with Beth HERE.  She will send you on to the next Home Décor Craft + DIY, but be sure to check out each of the diy’s below.

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    1. It’s hard to always try to “top” what has been successful before… it pushes me to think! At the end of the day, as long as I love it, it’s a winner – even if I’m the only one who loves it, haha.

    1. Thanks so much Andrea (The girl who does so many amazing, budget friendly diy’s on her blog)! That’s a huge compliment from you. xo

    1. Thx Judy! I love timeless designs – they just never go out and thus, I can use/have for a really long time. Which does my frugal heart good, haha.

  1. Tana I always look forward to your projects! Your color choice has my heart and so does the simplicity of the DIY! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a beautiful rug Tana! You are so creative and I loved joining you and the other talented ladies on this blog hop – thank you as always for including me! xo, Beth

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