{DIY Packaging} From Drab to Fab

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washi tape packaging

In the world of business, packaging is very important – it can actually make or break a product. And with so much at stake, having creative packaging on your product will increase the likelihood of it being bought and even repeat buys if the product lives up to it’s name.

Did you know that many people link superior packaging to a superior product?

No problem. You can create superior packaging and even entertain the customer inexpensively.

DIY: Take a Plain Box and Turn it Into FABULOUS Packaging.

To take inexpensive, plain boxes from drab to fab, all you need to do is wrap with decorator tape.  I love washi tape – a decorative tape that is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors and patterns (to match pretty much any business image and/or personality).

It truly is that easy!

Feel free to share some of your frugal packaging tips/ideas – you might just get featured on our blog!


-Packaging boxes at papermart.com.

-Cute washi tapes like the featured rolls above ($8.50 /set of 3) can be found at prettytape.etsy.com.

-Washi tape package featured via Martha Stewart.

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