{DIY Packaging} Begin with a Basic Box.

“It would be so fulfilling to create something lovely.” ~Julie Andrews

These ‘something lovely’ packages start with a basic, standard box. Buy the size(s) that fit your products, then decorate them yourself with these amazing embellishments.



Use a flower punch – there are a number of flower punches available thanks to the many scrapbooking enthusiasts (try ektools; they have a number of styles and sizes; starting at $4.49). Once you have your flower cut outs, add a little hot glue and stick to the box. If you want to add depth and dimension to some of the flowers, use foam adhesive to give your flowers a ‘lift’. (try 3D-Dots Adhesive Foam Strips $1.99).


Pulling off this gift wrapped style is almost as easy as tying your shoe: Print your designs on lightweight paper, wrap the boxes and tie them with a bow. ­­­­I’m thinking biz names/logos, a tag line, quote…whatever matches you/your business. All that’s needed is a graphics program to create your custom designs. Don’t know how or have the time? Hire a designer to create for you or you can purchase one of our 11×17 PRINTABLE PDF ‘Personalized Paper’ files (next 3 images below: Logo, Tagline/Quote, Letter) for $15.50 in our shop!


There’s a secret to this decorative box: A standard box is purchased and then wrapped with fun tape. And while it’s high on style, it’s low on effort. This practical, pretty tape (by TapeSwell is $7.00) will make a good first impression or put a smile on the recipient’s face!


Wind ribbon or personalized paper that matches your business color and/or design pattern around the box and secure with hot glue. Pick a complimentary ribbon, tie a bow at the top and ‘tag’ your package with your business name/logo.


All of these packages began with a simple, plain box. Do you want to have a successful business? Plain, vanilla, boring, blah doesn’t make you MEMORABLE.  Giving your customers a little something extra, something that is UNIQUELY YOU, makes you memorable.

And, oh by the way, MEMORABLE = SALES!


Photo Sources ­­­via my packaging ideas board.

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  1. Hi Tana, I found your picture of the box with pink/red ribbon on Pinterest and without knowing you wrote a ‘business comment’ along with it, I adapted your pretty example to fit my company’s colours. My customers are getting a christmas thank-you card, handmade and pretty like yours! Thank you for your nice work!
    (hoping the picture upload of mine works).
    Greetings and a blessed christmas!

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