{DIY} Biz Signage in a New York Minute

      In a last minute frenzy?
      Don’t have a lot to spend?
      Has to look professional (and amazing)?

Simply take your business logo image (a high resolution image to maintain clarity) and have it printed at Costco!

Here’s what one of our clients recently did when she needed her logo for an event…that she was attending in less than 48 hours!

“I had our business logo image printed as a 20×30 lustre photo image at Costco for $8.99.  The image was ready for pick up within 2 hours. I bought a frame at Hobby Lobby on sale to match my colors.  Since I wanted to use the frame for other things, I used double sided tape to stick our image to the frame.”

Thanks so much for sharing, Adriana.

This is such a great, inexpensive way to display your business signage – not only does it look professional, but it can be created in a New York Minute! Love this.


Need your image sized and uploaded to your local Costco? Send us an email at tana@yourmarketingbff, only $15.

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