{DIY} Biz Card Case

Do you attend events where everyone is trading business cards?

Tired of your business cards sprawled out at the bottom of your bag?

Is pulling out a Ziploc bag of cards not the first impression you want to leave?


If so, this DIY Biz Card Case will help you score a number of points… and on a budget!

Our main photo above is a little DIY Business Card Case by Amanda of Serenity Now – and here are her instructions on what you’ll need to make your own:

-Small (card-sized) tin.  Like this Hello Kitty tin from Target’s Dollar Spot!

-Spray paint.  Favorite Krylon shade of Blue Ocean Breeze and a super fun shade of hot pink

-Painter’s tape

-Silhouette SD/CAMEO machine, vinyl, and transfer tape (optional)



1. Use the painters tape to mark off a border where the cover overlaps the lid (you don’t want paint scraping off when you open and close the tin).

2. Spray paint your lid and the body of the tin in your chosen color(s).

3. Use your Silhouette machine to cut a fun monogram or design for the lid of your tin.

4. Adhere your vinyl to the lid using the transfer tape.

Note: Let your paint “cure” overnight before adding the design. I added it the same day, and some of the paint peeled off when I removed the transfer tape. I touched it up by spraying some extra paint in the can lid and dabbing it on with a Q-tip. Waiting would have saved me that trouble.

And now you have a totally cute custom card holder!

FYI: Amanda of Serenity Now was inspired by this cute one from her friend Shannon at Madigan Made!


***Special thanks to:

Amanda of Serenity Now for this DIY (as well as her pics featured in this post)

Shannon at Madigan Made


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