{DIY} A Great Boutique or Trade show Product Display Idea

Gearing up for a holiday boutique or tradeshow?  Looking for a great, inexpensive way to display product for a show?

I saw this great mini gallery wall photo of tags by Beth of Home Stories A to Z and thought to myself, “This would be an excellent way to display a lot of lightweight products or product shots in a small amount of space!”

And guess what…

All it takes is:

  1. a cork board,
  2. twine,
  3. corsage pins
  4. office tags + photo adhesive if you’re using photos!

Have fun creating your very own business wall product displays…and once you do, please share it with us!


Want to see more of Beth’s mini gallery wall photo creation? You will find it here.


*** Special Thanks to Beth of Home Stories A to Z for her great idea and image!

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