{Displays} Window Displays using Chalkboards!


Want a fun, easy and inexpensive window display?

A display idea that is HOT at the moment is a framed chalkboard piece of art!

The Ralph Lauren window display (image featured above) takes up the entire window, but you could easily combine a framed chalkboard sign with a variety of store products that you want to feature.

Here’s how to DIY this great window display:

(1)    Repurpose a frame or make your own.  I like to find inexpensive frames at Goodwill, flea markets, salvage stores or yard sales.  If you want to make your own LARGE frame, head down to Home Depot for some Masonite (just shy of $7 for a 4ft x 8 ft ¼” piece of Masonite/hardboard) and some molding that you glue onto the board.

(2)    Chalkboard.  You can either buy chalkboard contact paper (that you peel and stick), buy chalkboard paint or make your own – any color that you want.  (Here’s a DIY to make your own chalkboard paint) Place the chalkboard onto the board or frame backing.

(3)    Draw like the pro’s.  I know what a number of you are thinking, “Heck, I can barely draw stick figures!”  Here’s something that I learned in art school and is described step-by-step in this chalkboard drawing tutorial by Ella Claire. And if you want something even easier, use a projector to project your design onto the chalkboard to trace!   Here’s a past BFF post showing how to use a projector in ‘DIY custom business signage on a dime.’

 Here’s a few more pictures for added inspiration:

Have fun making your own custom chalkboard inspired window display!



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