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(Image: Home Depot Window Display – using a piece of ply wood, paint lids and paint samples to make the leaves – love it!)


Tomorrow is September 23rd, which is the first official day of fall…and you know what that means when it comes to store displays:  Fall into Fall!

Decorating for fall is a simple thing. You really don’t have to go out and invest a lot of money in materials to put together a really amazing display for fall. Mother Nature has provided almost everything you need.

And, there’s no doubt about it…creating eye-popping displays can PULL in new customers and INCREASE your retail sales.


If you’re not creating displays that;

  • PULL new customers into your location,
  • Promote a slow-moving item (product or service),
  • Announce a Sale,
  • Broadcast an upcoming Event,
  • Welcome a Season (or Holiday),
  • Increase the dollar amount each client spends, or
  • Spur Impulse Buying.

You’re losing out on some BIG TIME Moolah!

An Eye-Popping Display Can Help Maximize Sales.

(Image Source)

If your ‘store front’ location is fortunate enough to feature one or more windows, then you have one of the most PROVEN (and least expensive) forms of marketing at your disposal.

Lacking windows? Don’t despair. You have a number of places throughout your location to build INCREDIBLE, money-making displays.

Autumn Theme Display Design Steps

Step 1: Brainstorming

A little bit of Inspiration. Think of storybook fall settings such as inns, old mills and even barns. You might also think of an apple orchard, a vineyard, or any place that has a view of fall foliage. Think of changing colored leaves, lots of rich dark wood and warmth such as a fireplace that adds an extra special touch. Look at magazines, movies and other shops that catch your eye (tip: take a picture so you can remember ALL the details for your own display ideas).

Décor ideas for your fall theme. Set the tone for your fall display with sheaths of wheat or corn in the window or at the entrance. Choose either rich jewel tones to decorate the space, a traditional fall color scheme such as reds, oranges, browns and yellows or even a modern fall color scheme that uses only chocolate brown with light-blue accents (which I personally love).


(Image Source)

Step 2: Planning

Plan out your display. Write down a full materials list AND what inexpensive fall props (you know that’s my thing) you can use to fill the store with the bounty of the season.

Here are a few suggestions…fall leaves, pumpkins, cornucopias, acorns, gourds, tallow berries, ornamental corn and both natural and dried wheat. Make jack-o-lanterns with decorative patterns (or your logo), or use paper bag luminaria for a similar effect.


(Stone Gable Images)

Step 3: Execution

Cheap labor.  Let’s face it – we can’t all create (or afford) intricate displays like Anthropologie or famous Macy’s New York City holiday window displays. But, if you want to make an impact and create an AMAZING display consider these two options:

–  throwing a party with your crafty, creative friends (and/or customers) and buy them some drinks and pizza.

–  make it a community event by teaming up with a local art class. They’ll love to see and share their work on display. This is a great way to get involved in your community and they get to know you/your biz better – which is how local commerce should work.

Work with us. Consider a paid consultation for preliminary ideas and how-to, then do the production work yourself (starting at $145). Simply send us an email with ‘Display Ideas’ in the subject line and someone from our team will get in touch with you.


Step 4: Track

Keep a record.  Keep a record of displays you’ve tried! A digital camera makes a visual record quick and easy, plus take written notes of how well things sold (or in the case of an event, how many people attended).

Trust me.  After a while, you will probably start to notice a pattern of particular types of displays that work well with your customers. Obviously, use those displays more often.


Want to create money-making displays to grow your sales but aren’t sure EXACTLY how? I’m offering my Create (cost-effective) Money-Making Retail Displays step-by-step instructions, budget conscious display tips, and real-life examples that you can easily follow…and it’s available in the shop for $11.99

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