{Design} Need A New Logo Design? 7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself.

(Brata Boutique   ::   Jennifer Cozad, Independent Scentsy Consultant)


Logos are an effective way to update or set the tone for your new brand. Sure, it’s only one piece of your marketing arsenal, but it’s a powerful “foundational” piece that sets the tone for your entire business!

How do you determine if you need a new logo?  Look at your existing logo, and ask yourself the following 7 questions:

-Did you, a friend, or family member (who are not professional designers)design your logo?

-Does your logo reflect something you no longer do? (Meaning: Is there a big difference between what your business is now vs. what it was when your logo was originally created?)

-Does your logo MATCH you/your business? (Note: The personality of your biz should show through)

-Is your brand and niche reflected in the design?

-Do the colors and/or fonts look outdated?

-Is your logo easy to see/read – no matter if it’s big or small?

-Would you be PROUD to display your logo – on a billboard, on your car, a t-shirt, etc?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then it’s time you start looking for a new or refreshed look that will make your brand stronger.  Trust me, your customers and bank account will reward you!


*** Special Thanks to two of our amazing logo design clients: Brata Boutique and Jennifer Cozad, Independent Scentsy Consultant

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