Create a free resource library to grow your email list


Have you ever thought of creating a free resource library to grow your email list?

In my 12 Lead Magnet Ideas To Increase Email Subscribers, I listed several valuable resources like checklists, worksheets, a resource list/toolkit, etc. for your audience.

Whenever you pull the best stuff together and/or the best tools to use on a single page AND readers don’t have to track down all the information on their own, you have a hit. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to create a free resource library to grow your email list!

So what exactly is a resource library?

A resource library is a library full of free downloads for your subscribers. It’s also a place to host ALL of your lead magnets on one page!

A resource library also provides massive value to your subscribers because they’re not just getting one lead magnet, they’re getting a library full of different things they can download.

Create a free resource library to grow your email list


You create a library of resources. I created a single page that is password protected, that contains a cover image for each of my resources.

Below is my password protected page for subscribers to login and receive access:

create a free resource library to grow your email list -1

When new subscriber’s opt-in to my email list they are sent a welcome email with a link to the library and the password.

Once subscriber’s login, they can click on the cover images and be linked to each resource for download.


  1. People are picky about what they sign up for – the more value the better.
  2. Feels (and is) more valuable than a single opt-in incentive.
  3. It’s easy to manage content upgrades because you don’t have to send them out individually. So- instead of setting up a new email sequence for each different/new lead magnet on your site, you can just send them to this one page!
  4. It makes your subscribers life easier – now they won’t have to re-subscribe to download new freebies.

Make sure your library full of free resources are of value to YOUR ideal audience.

Here’s a screenshot of my own free resource library on Your Marketing BFF:

create a free resource library to grow your email list -2

I’d suggest having at least three lead magnets created before using a resource library as a lead magnet tool. But once you create a free resource library to grow your email list, it’s easy to add additional lead magnets on an on-going basis… and something your readers will keep coming back to!


Before you go, I want to invite you to join my email list community. By signing up (don’t worry, it’s free), you’ll get access to my digital Resource Library with free downloads.

You’ll also get invitations to any free, live workshops I host online (which provide some pretty sweet tips, tools and strategies to help you grow and make money with your blog).

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And thanks for reading my blog. I truly appreciate it… and YOU!!!


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