{Cool Designs} How to Design like a Designer

I love design! And when you couple design with supporting elements that set the stage for attracting business, I really get excited!

How do talented designers (and businesses) do this?

Let me break it down for you – from inside the designer mind of Your Marketing BFF.

  1. Find the starting point for the creative idea.
  2. Start adding elements (shapes, colors, textures, fonts) that reflect or compliment that creative idea.

Here’s an example to illustrate what I’m saying…

Amazing Spaces

The starting point for the creative idea was the “Inca Inchi-capsule”.

Why? Because the Inca Inchi-capsule is the oil found in all of the products made by Amazing Spaces.

With this starting point in mind, the designer created a square graphic shape to reflect the fruit capsule.

Once the square shape element was developed graphically, this square shape became the common graphic element throughout the Amazing Spaces identity/branding.

Other elements added to reflect and compliment the creative idea were;

Colors: pink, blue, white and black

Font: the Primaere font

Graphic Accents: a wallpaper graphic was created to be used for packaging, wallpaper, collateral pieces, displays and photography backdrops.

And here are some more Amazing (Spaces) photos…to show you how EVERYTHING comes together beautifully.

That is how it’s done friends! Don’t you just love it!

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Sources & Special Thanks to: Bessermachen Designstudio

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