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Ask and you shall receive.

A number of you asked if Your Marketing BFF could offer inexpensive, yet professional (and eye catchy) sites that wouldn’t break the bank.

I’m happy to announce WE CAN NOW!!!

If your blog / website isn’t generating sales, followers, or worse yet, you don’t have a site – then this solution is absolutely for you!

We are offering customizable site designs that will afford you with everything you need to build an ATTRACTIVE online brand and start running!  The most difficult decision will be “which one should we choose?”

Our customizable site solutions include:

•custom blog/site header

•custom hex color palette (for web) – up to 3 colors (that match your existing brand/image)

•custom background solid color or a background pattern from our collection

•up to 5 main pages (Ie; home, about, blog, contact, portfolio, etc.)

•social icon buttons – up to 4 (that link to your existing social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

•SEO optimized – built with the Genesis platform to get your search rankings as high as possible

•Wordpress installation and setup

•Everything you need to get started for $795!


Here are the customizable site designs we are offering (named after our lucky site winners):

The Posh Design

(To See the Full Design go to www.theposhhome.com)


Tutu Cute Design

(To See the Full Design go to www.tutu-a-gogo.com)


Why Not Design

(To See the Full Design go to www.whynotboutique.com)


Want one of our customizable site designs?  Send me an email stating which design you’d like and we’ll get things started!



Need E-commerce added to the site?  Simply add $125.00

Tutu-A-Gogo and Why Not Boutique both added e-commerce to their sites – they love our e-commerce solution because they can easily add and subtract products on their own.

Want additional site customizations? We will provide you with a quote based on your project needs.

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