Common Fears Holding You Back From Email Marketing Success

Common Fears Holding You Back From Email Marketing Success

SO many new bloggers, content creators and entrepreneurs want to be successful, but they find themselves facing common fears that hold them back from email marketing success.

Let’s be honest.

Whether you’re successful or not, it is almost impossible to escape FEAR when starting something new or trying something different.

And honestly, fear is not a bad thing! The problem is how we interpret fear and what we choose to do with it.

Some people have no idea why they’re afraid and what to do with those feelings. You need to ask yourself…

“Is this fear a real warning or is it holding me back from something incredible?”

For some the sense of fear can be so intense that it literally paralyzes you from moving forward and taking action. This can be quite damaging not only to your business, but also your self-esteem.

Let’s break down the 5 most common fears we feel when we jump into something new.  See if you can identify with any of these fears!

5 Common Fears Holding You Back From Email Marketing Success

FEAR #1: “I’m afraid people won’t like me.”

Your subconscious might be telling you, “You’re going to put in all this work for nothing! People are going to hate it. Get ready for crickets.”

There’s no failure, only feedback. If you try something that doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that people hate you. It simply means that, that idea didn’t work.

BFF Tip: Turn things around in your mind and realize it means you get to try something new next time! The best baseball players in the world don’t hit a home run every time and neither will your emails (be a huge success every time), this simply doesn’t happen. So know that you’re going to have some failures!

FEAR #2: “I’m not an expert — why would someone want to hear for me?”

Don’t underestimate what you know. Many people choose to follow and listen to those who are just a few steps ahead of them. Not being an expert in the traditional sense can actually be a really good thing! A lot of times you’ll be much more relatable.

BFF Tip: Change your mindset and your wording from “expert” to mentor!


FEAR #3: “There are a million people sending emails just like me… So what’s the point if I’m just another drop in the bucket?”

This is a good thing! That means there is interest in your topic. If there’s a bunch of people out there teaching on that topic then you know that there’s a bunch of interest out there. And people want to hear about that topic. This is validation that this is a good topic!

In a world where people now get to pick their teacher, your people will resonate with you over others.

There is only one YOU! And that’s why being YOU, your authentic self is so important.

FEAR #4: “It has to be perfect.”

Is your need for perfection actually hindering you to create nothing, or stifling you/your creativity to create things that aren’t really you?

Perfection isn’t real, it isn’t attainable.

BFF Tip: There’s no such thing as perfect, but you have to do “the thing” – and in this case, that’s growing your email list and doing some email marketing. It’s all about taking action and repetition!

FEAR #5: “I’m going to be bothering people.”

Ask yourself… Do you believe in your product or service? Do you know someone that would be better off because of it? Do you know someone out there that might benefit from what you have to say? Then imagine the disservice that you’re doing by holding back!

People need what you’re creating, and if you’re building a list of ideal subscribers, they will be hanging on your every word.

Email marketing is really sales – selling yourself, selling your content, selling your products and services! Sales can get a bad reputation because people can sometimes associate it with high-pressure “slimy” sales tactics or with selling something that they don’t believe in. But sales can also be a huge act of service for people you help, and shying away from it may actually be causing more harm than good.

Start seeing your business, your blog, your content as a way to help people, solving a problem that people NEED solved.

Think of it like this…

If your friend tells you that they don’t know how to cook salmon on the grill and you know how to cook salmon on the grill to perfection every time. Yet you don’t tell them how to cook it to perfection, but simply change the subject… do you see how this would be a disservice to your friend?

When you have the knowledge of something and somebody else wants this knowledge why wouldn’t you want to share that with them?

So now it’s time to ask yourself…

Are any of these common fears holding you back from email marketing success?

I hope this post helps you to overcome your fears! Why? Because growing an email list of ideal customers AND using email marketing to engage, nurture and build trust with your audience, are key to growing a financially successful online business!


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