90 Day High-Speed Client Attraction Bootcamp!

There are HUNDREDS of potential clients who would be interested in YOUR products and/or services.

But not enough of them KNOW ABOUT YOU!

I know you have the drive.

I know you have the passion.

And now you just need to know EXACTLY what to do…NOW!


You see, for over 18 years – I’ve helped thousands of small biz owners ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS and EXPLODE their marketing in ways they had never thought of.

In just 90 days (and for the rest of your career) you too can attract all the clients you’ll ever want or need.

The 90-Day High-Speed Client Attraction Bootcamp was designed to help YOU…

Attract TONS of clients, continually have a full pipeline of prospects, make more money, and get CLEAR, STEP-BY-STEP direction from me, without breaking the bank.

I’m offering my Bootcamp program for ONLY $149!! 

Here’s what the 90-Day High-Speed Client Attraction Bootcamp includes:

  • 12 weeks of Easy-To-Read Steps. Each week you’ll receive a step in your email inbox (each step builds upon the previous weeks step). And if you’re like me – you may like to read the information while you’re having a nice cup of coffee or tea, all curled up in your favorite chair. Get your highlighter ready!
  • Fun Work Assignments. Throughout the Bootcamp you will be assigned FUN WORK projects which are designed to get your butt in gear and the dollars to start coming into your bank account.

What will you REALLY GET out of the Bootcamp?

At the end of 90 days, if you implement everything that I teach you, quickly and consistently you will attract more ideal clients than you ever have before and make more money.

In fact, if you follow my steps, you can start seeing RESULTS in a matter of weeks.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the 90-Day High-Speed Client Attraction Bootcamp:

1. Make Attracting Clients a Priority. We will look over your work week and schedule a weekly day (and time) for you to focus only on marketing/attracting clients…this is what I refer to as “working on your business not in it!”
2. Know Who YOU Want to Attract. We will examine who your ideal clients are; their major problems and what would make you their perfect solution.
3. Don’t Blend in with the Wallpaper. You’ll discover what makes you unique, different and memorable vs. your competitors. I will share with you easy and inexpensive ways to STAND OUT from the CROWD!
4. What’s YOUR Claim To Fame. You will learn how to compose your own marketing message, tagline and elevator pitch – that grabs your ideal client’s attention, helps others to easily refer you and brings you new biz.
5. What’s YOUR Image. I will teach you EXACTLY how to craft your image so that it attracts (rather than repels) clients to you/your biz.
6. Setting the STAGE. I will share with you how to makeover your location to MATCH your image – so that it will draw attention into your biz and attract clients…trust me, it’s in the details!
7. Create PULL marketing materials. I will teach you how to create marketing materials that resonate with your ideal client and PULLS them into your biz so that they come to you, rather than you trying to PUSH them into your biz. This will make attracting clients A LOT EASIER!
8. Get Out There in a BIG Way. You will learn a number of strategies that you can do easily and inexpensively to let your community know that you exist…it’s all about getting out there in a big way to attract new clients.
9. Cook up your Marketing Pie. We will spend time putting together a very specific marketing plan to reach your ideal clients on a consistent basis…and pretty much on auto-pilot!
10. Your Client has to Love You. I will share a number of ways on how to create RAVING FANS, generate easy upsells, additional retail sales and keep them coming back for more in the future. I will also teach you how to educate your clients to become your unpaid sales force; generating WOM (word of mouth) about you/your biz and sending you referrals.
11. Develop Strategic Alliances. This is where I will teach you how to form STRATEGIC ALLIANCES and JOINT VENTURES – these relationships help you attract and bring new clients to your biz.
12. Your Future Depends on On-going Systems. You will ALWAYS need to be attracting clients – unless you no longer wish to attract clients! Thus I will share some on-going ways to obtain fresh ideas and marketing assistance/support to keep you SOARING at the top of your industry and making a lot more money!

Can YOU really afford to NOT attract new clients?

You could easily WASTE $149 by:

  • approaching the wrong customers (yes, those Nightmare Ones that drive you INSANE!)
  • discounting your prices – let’s see, how long would it take to get $149 in discounts back?
  • advertising like a crazy person (in all the wrong places).
  • twiddling your thumbs waiting for someone to walk through your doors or land on your site.
  • printing marketing materials that are BORING and INEFFECTIVE.
  • investing in books or someone who doesn’t know YOU and YOUR biz.


*You can purchase the Bootcamp from our SHOP now.

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  1. I’m an “It Works” distributor. The products are truly remarkable. The company “thinks” they provide great marketing strategies. They are less than stellar. My goal is to create financial independence. Please go to www.myitworks.com and see what you think. I’d appreciate your honest assessment on whether your marketing tools can help me develop what I need to make this business succeed.

    Alanna McConnell

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