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Branding Elements Pattern and Texture by Your Marketing BFFHave you ever thought about adding pattern and texture as a distinctive element of your brand identity? Pattern and texture branding elements can add character, distinction and an extra element of style and consistency to your brand!

Keep in mind… Your patterns and/or textures should encompass the message that you’re sending out about your business.

You could do a mix of polka dots, stripes, geometric shapes or illustrations to add impact and individuality.

I love using illustrations or brand icons to create wallpaper, use as wrapping, or as a background to some of your marketing materials (business cards, menu, tags, product shots, etc).

For those of you without the time, confidence or DIY capabilities to create your own patterns, you can:
(1) purchase a variety of low cost stock patterns online here, and then personalize by adapting the color palette or texture that suits your unique identity, or
(2) hire a professional designer like me to create a custom pattern for you!


1. Mix and Match. Pull together different styles to add character and distinction. Florals, dots, stripes, geometric shapes and illustrative patterns all mix well when you ground them with a common color palette.

Musette Bakery is a great example of mixing and matching different styles; checkers, solids, and quotes in a black and white color palette to add character and distinction to their brand.

Musette Bakery Logo Branding Elements Pattern Texture Quote Design

2. Play with Scale. Mix small, delicate elements with larger, more dramatic patterns to add texture and flow.

Do you see how Lily Lolo uses the ‘four hearts’ logo mark in a large and small size to create their pattern? It adds distinction and consistency to their brand.

Lily Lolo Cosmetics Branding Design Elements Pattern

3. Go with your Gut. Play around with your pattern and decide if you love it. If you love it, then it’s probably the right pattern for your brand!

I love how the Leze i Pachne brand uses strong graphic illustrations and a square geometric shape to share their products in a visually stunning way.

Leze i Pachne Branding Design Elements Pattern and Texture

Are you looking to step up your existing branding or need help creating a new brand? We can create pattern and texture branding elements that will add an extra element of style to your existing brand, or we can create your new brand, just email

See the before and after Lily Lolo Cosmetics branding below?  It makes a HUGE difference and we’d love to help you make it!

Lily Lolo Branding Design Before and After

Image Sources: Fleur, Musette Bakery, Lily Lolo, Lezi i Pachne

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