{Booth Display} Raid Home for Furniture & Props

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Are you gearing up for an event or trade show?

Looking to do a window or retail display to celebrate the upcoming season or holiday?

Tight on cash?

Look around your home for furniture and props that you can “borrow” to set your stage!

Melissa Arlena of Melissa Arlena Photography did just that.

Melissa was gearing up for a bridal show and had decided on creating a booth image/theme of “Vintage Rustic Shabby Chic”.

Like most people, Melissa didn’t have the space (or money) to buy things that couldn’t be used in other aspects of her life.  So—she looked at items that she already had at home that she could use to set the “Vintage Rustic Shabby Chic” stage for her booth.

Here’s some of Melissa’s gorgeous photo’s from her booth:

And where all these great “props” came from:

Want to follow in Melissa’s frugal and smart footsteps?  Here’s what you do:

  1. Determine your theme/look.
  2. Look around your house (parents, friends, etc.) and make a list of things you have on hand that you could use to create your look.
  3. Create your booth space (or display) with your ‘borrowed’ home items.
  4. Once you’re finished, return the items back to their rightful place in your home.

A couple of other Marketing BFF tips:

  1. Team up with a local florist to help set off the booth.  Real flowers can really make your booth come to life!
  2. Bring along a friend or assistant to your show…it will make things less crazy at set up and tear down, plus you’re able to talk to twice as many people.

I know – you’ll start thinking twice about some of the items you buy for your home.  And, you might just be able to write them off as a business expense too!  Ask your accountant.

Do you raid your home for furniture and props? We’d love to see your pictures.  And you just might wind up here, in one of our blog posts!


***Special thanks to Melissa Arlena/Melissa Arlena Photography for all these amazing images…and a raid well done!


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