{Booth Display} It’s in the Details.


Tradeshow season is quickly approaching and I want you to be prepared! The best way to do so is to pull inspiration from real life booth examples.

This bridal expo booth display (shown above) was a collaboration of Amada of Joy Ever After and Mekala of Tie That Binds. Joy brought her experience in set design and retail space and Mekala brought her biz savvy and customized wedding stationary and products into the display.

WOW – I LOVE how it turned out.


It’s more than just a pretty booth! Trust me, it’s in the details:

Business name/logo front and center. I love how it’s a glass framed mirror with her business name/logo. It stands out and adds to the ‘mood’ in the space.

Back wall.  It’s covered with old pages taken from a book – I’m guessing a romance novel??? I could be wrong, but it would fit her theme/image.

BFF Side Note:  You know I hate when people simply use the back wall that is provided (90% of the booths do – do not blend in with the 90%, stand out).

Everyday Items. Don’t go out and spend a bunch of money, use items you already have to display your products/services. Do you see the cake platter, bowls, vases, frame and dresser? Smart thinking ladies!

Display your Goods and Services in a fun/unique way. I LOVE how actual past client invitations were hung to string and displayed as wall art. Not only is this a cool PORTFOLIO idea showcasing Mekala’s talented work, but a large number of customers she has served = instant credibility.

Capture Leads. It’s not all fun and games, you want SALES. It’s always smart to capture leads at a show that you can later follow up and hopefully turn into a sale. Mekala had an ‘enter to win 50 free favors’ – favors that her biz offers! Well done.

Signage. You’ve got seconds to tell a passerby who you are and what you do. Make sure it’s crystal clear. Mekala used a framed chalkboard sign (near walkway) with a handwritten note – telling passersby “We design custom invitations and favors”. Why leave it up to guesswork?!

Visual Image. Customized match boxes, wine, wedding photo book (all custom products Mekala offers her clients), crystal chandeliers, flowers made from vintage paper sewing patterns and the beautiful ruffled table runner work together to ‘convey a unique wedding love story’.

Kudos ladies! This is one amazing booth design and truly a TIE THAT BINDS experience.

Need some help with ideas, planning and designing a FABULOUS (cost-effective) booth for an upcoming tradeshow? Send me an email.



Photos courtesy of Amada of Joy Ever After and Mekala of Tie That Binds.

Special thanks to Desirae of Paper Airplanes for sharing this fabulous booth design with me via Pinterest!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this booth design. I’ve been doing outdoor craft shows, but have been planning on launching a line of bridal products and am hunting for ideas for the first bridal show I do…kind of nervous! How long does it take to set all of this up?

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