{Booth Display} Boutique Display Ideas on a budget


Want to stand out from all the other boutique vendors?

It’s easy when you visually merchandise your “space” so that your products look more appealing to customers!

What does your frugal BFF suggest?

Find props and furniture (from home, thrift stores, estate sales, big box stores, etc.) that complement your products, yet will display your products well.  I’d suggest looking for pieces that showcase some of your products at eye level.

Here’s a few boutique display ideas recently spotted at our local Believe Boutique:

Keep in mind that your products should not be overpowered by the furniture or display fixtures.

Going for a funky and eclectic look? I’d suggest mixing in vintage furniture that you find at a thrift store or estate sale. And if the color of these pieces don’t suit you or blend in with your product, simply repaint them.

Going for a sophisticated feel? One King’s Lane comes to mind. If you have this type of furniture in your home, borrow it for your display and once you’re done put it back into place…no one will ever know!

It’s all about creating visually fun displays that appeal to the customer… in order to stand out and make a sale.

Keep everything simple and have a wonderfully successful boutique selling season this year!


Note: Fun displays by Whippy Cake, Miss Coco Designs, Peek A Boo Lace and Vintage Rose Wraps.

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