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Your Marketing BFF recently sat down and had a chat with Brian Mullins of Brian Mullins Photography about his “Best in Show” booth design.

When you peruse the pictures in this post, you will see Brian put a lot of thought into the concept, colors, design and overall message he wanted his wedding photography booth to have…and so should you!

Brian’s advice to others, “Start with your goals and vision in mind!”

Brian’s overall goals and vision were to design a booth that:

1. Could easily be assembled and taken apart, as well as have the flexibility of different configurations depending on the venue. (His booth is modular and created in sections so it can work easilyl as a 10×10 or as a 10×20 booth.)

2. Would block out noise.

3. Created a ‘soft’ atmosphere – soft furniture, soft carpet, soft lighting – anything to remove someone from the harsh trade show environment.  (His image, “Wow, I just stepped into an inviting, high-end living room!”)

4. Would generate new strategic alliance partners and sales.

Brian envisioned a comfortable, warm environment that would establish his brand within the market.

By the looks of it (and of course, the award) he accomplished his goals and achieved his vision, resulting in trade show success.  Take a look and see for yourself:

Strategic Alliance Partners Are Key.

“Most of my business comes from the wedding vendors at the show, not the future brides attending the show,” Brian said.

At the Forever Bridal Wedding Show in Raleigh, North Carolina, where Brian won the Best in Show award, these ‘complementary’ business vendors helped him win:

Fresh Affairs (Flowers)
Classic Party Rentals (carpet and couches)
Triangle Catering – Flair Division (Ottomans & Coffee Tables)

Having strategic alliances with other businesses (from wedding planners and reception venues to florists and bakers) has been a key ingredient in Brian’s overall success. Plus, the word of mouth referrals from his alliance partners produce some of the best clients because of the TRUST between the client and the referring business!

The #1 reason most businesses fail at shows. 

The biggest reason businesses fail to achieve results at a trade show (open house, bazaar, exhibit, boutique, XYZ sales venue) is lack of preparation.  Look at your goals and vision for participating in the event. Do people have a reason to stop at your booth? Does your booth reflect your business image? Have you put together marketing materials that help you succeed? If not, you better take action now (seriously, now)!

Need some extra marketing help to get results from your next show? All you have to do is send us an email.

Special thanks to Brian Mullins of Brian Mullins Photography for sharing his story and gorgeous photographs with us. But most of all, thanks for inspiring us! Well done!

 (Brian Mullins Photography 10×10 booth)

Extra Segment – “behind-the-scenes” construction outlined.

-Wall construction is similar to walls built in a house.

-Back wall for 10×10 booth size: (4) modular ¼” plywood sections. Each section is 2.5 feet wide x 8 feet high. He used 2×4’s around the exterior of each section and during set up nails each section together.

-Side wall: (2) 3 feet wide x 8 feet high

-Toe nailing technique to nail the two walls together at an “L” shape.

-Stapled black, non-reflective fabric (purchased at Joanne’s Fabrics) around sides of each wall section as well as the top. (Note: don’t wrap fabric around the bottom, otherwise the bottom won’t sit flat on the floor – the molding hides this bottom section anyways)

-Brian chose fabric because it’s much more forgiving and if snagged, he could spray paint.  The black fabric was chosen because it showcases his framed photographs.

-Molding was painted white and nailed to the top and bottom sections.

-Pegasus lighting was used for the overhead lighting.

-Floor lights purchased from Ikea were used in the corners.

-Most furniture was rented (or via a trade/barter).

-Typically hires a teenager (inexpensive labor) to help him with set up.

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  1. I’m a partner as a wedding DJ vendor for 19 years now. We’ve never had to do a trade show. All our work is word of mouth as a side business. But as an interior design addict I am impressed with your layout and design look. Clean, modern, tasteful. A model home with a high end lounge look. Your work pops against the back drop displayed like art. The colors chosen perfectly to have the eyes see exactly what they need to see. Lighting is so key and it shows you used it properly. You logo screams professional, established, trustworthy. Excellent job. Your award is well earned.

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