Beautiful Neutral Fall Decor

I don’t know if it was growing up in the Pacific Northwest or living on a little farm, but I naturally tend to gravitate back to the bounties of nature when it comes to Fall décor.

Oh, and I’m not really a scarecrow, orange pumpkin kind-of-gal… so the odds you ever see that from me are slim to none. haha

As I’m starting to mull over this year’s theme and colors, I thought it would be fun to share some beautiful neutral fall decor inspiration – decor that speaks to my transitional design style… and back home roots.

So let’s get started with a few of my favorite neutral fall decor design inspirations:

Beautiful neutral fall decor ideas-1

Country Living

I really like that this is more of a seasonal, use-what-you-have idea. I love traveling the produce aisle to add to my décor (as you’ve seen here and here) and these apples in the bushel basket remind me of picking apples as a kid, making applesauce with my mom and hot cider brewing on the stove.

Throw in the chopped wood and boots from stomping out in the yard and you’ve transported me back to my youth!

Beautiful neutral fall decor ideas-2

Zevy Joy

Plaid just screams fall to me. Whether it’s an entryway rug, pillow, throw or this darling kitchen towel. You can never go wrong with plaid for fall decor!

Beautiful neutral fall decor ideas-3

Nina Hendrick

I’m back to the bountiful harvest! The apples in the paper bag, seeded eucalyptus, wicker baskets, and wood. I love all of these textures and layers that create one harmonious fall décor scheme.

And look at what Nina has in one of those wooden crates – corn, beets and potatoes. This is a farmer’s market theme if I ever saw one.

Beautiful neutral fall decor ideas-4

Monika Hibbs

I love this classic and simple wreath! It looks like a pine wreath with some seeded eucalyptus, a few dried magnolia leaves and pine cones added to give it a fall vibe.

And I also love the basket with greenery and large pieces of birch. Adding different textures as you go pulls everything together nicely.

Beautiful neutral fall decor ideas-5

Craftberry Bush

Did you think I didn’t like pumpkins at all? Of course, I do. But I tend to gravitate towards white, unless you’re new here, this will not be a surprise, haha.

I also think of mums when I think of fall, so this front porch with all of its layers and textures really speak to my (pretty, white) mum, nature loving side.

Every one of these beautiful neutral fall décor photos, with their simple details have inspired me! And I hope they’ve inspired you too.

Soon I will be sharing my own fall decor reveal. I think I’ve landed on what I’m going to do this year, and I can’t wait to share with y’all soon!

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Beautiful Neutral Fall Decor Inspiration

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  1. Love everything Tana! These are great fall settings but they are still so serene and soothing. I never get tired of my neutral palate. Although I sometimes think our beloved neutrals are the new mauve and country blue. Ha! I wonder if we will someday laughingly say…”Remember when everyone embraced BURLAP?” Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I’m with ya! And yes, we might look back and go, “what, the what!” haha. Thx for commenting Terri. xo

    1. Here in AZ white pumpkins (or any pumpkins) would rot! I have to adjust with fake ones, but they still look beautiful.

  2. I too am in love with all the themes and colors this year! I’ve adopted the black plaid and I plan to roll it into Christmas too! I’m totally with you on the white pumpkins too. They’re just so elegant and inviting to look at.

    1. Black plaid never goes out of style! It’s classic and looks amazing with any color scheme/theme! Can’t wait to see.

  3. Love all your selections for inspiration! I’m totally feeling ready to move forward with fall-ifying my porch. Thanks for sharing all these images to jumpstart fall decorating!

    1. Isn’t that shed amazing!!! Between the she sheds and kid playhouses I keep seeing online, I need a mini house to dress up! haha

    1. I love finding inspiration and really honing in on my own thoughts/ideas… it reminds me of my childhood, circling ‘toys’ that I wanted for Christmas. haha

    1. Me too! It made it hard to narrow things down and fine-tune my own decor design… so many great options to choose from and expand on!

    1. I hear ya! It’s hard for me to jump start into Fall as well, especially when we are still over 100 degrees here in AZ. But I did – and now I just need the weather to join me. haha. Thanks for sharing/commenting. xo

  4. Beautiful round-up of inspiring blogs, Tana! Love that back door bench/wall unit with the numbered baskets. Such a pretty way to add lots of added storage.

    1. It’s that wonderful! I need to start designing our mudroom – I need lots more storage to hide things. haha

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